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Discussion items

 Review Charge

Jesse Koennecke

Debbie Hamrick

Recommended charge for review by PC:

The Accessibility SIG works with the developers and the user interface designers to ensure principles of universal design are embedded in the FOLIO platform and apps from their inception.  In order to improve overall accessibility within FOLIO, the Accessibility SIG will review design documents and prototypes, test working code for usability, and raise access issues to assist with the remediation of processes. The SIG will also make recommendations to how accessibility and usability will be continuously addressed in the FOLIO development cycle.
Potential partners:
-    Collaborating with the ARL Joint Task Force on Services to Patrons with Print Disabilities
-    Accessibility and Usability Lab at the University of Colorado (

 John's development workJohn Coburn

John described some of his work and methodology.

 UC LabDebbie HamrickReview information available from the Accessibility and Usability Lab at Colorado (
 Next stepsJesse

Schedule initial meeting with full group

Draft agenda for initial full group meeting

Action items