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Discussion items


How to make sure compliance with WCAG 2.0 AA is know by appropriate parties.Debbie
  • Peter Murray - Work through John Coburn for now as he is focused on the front end tools and accessibility.  Good topic for upcoming developers meeting. 
  Wiki and communication - brief tour of our wiki space Debbie Change the Time Zone used on your view of the Wiki when logged in→go to Settings in upper right corner dropdown→Time Zone setting is in the middle of the main body section of the page.

Thoughts on AccessibilityTeam

Browser compatibility - are any internet browsers better or worse for accessibility tools?

  • Many people that use accessibility tools use IE. 
  • JAWWS doesn't work with Firefox
    • FOLIO is implementing Browserstack for browser compatibility testing

Getting information availableTeam

Please add information and links to Resources page for any relevant ideas, resources, guides, etc... - Essentially an environmental scan

Add specific questions to Parking Lot

Next steps

Try out some testing on working FOLIO functionality

Check with John Coburn for more resources, information, environmental scan info.

Hear from UX developers (probably John Coburn) for Usability/Accessibility

Draft an Accessibility bullet for this:

How to get up to date on FOLIO in general - list serve for FOLIO updates

Action items