Discussion items

Summary of meeting:khal

  • The meeting was kicked off with a presentation by our new SIG member Khalilah Gambrell from EBSCO.  Her PowerPoint is attached here
    • Khalilah let the group know FOLIO is ready for some level of testing and shared a template to record test results. 
    • The testing and the 2-week sprint development cycles will not coincide until we figure out our processes and get caught up with any backlog of code waiting to be tested. 
    • Testing will need to involve subject matter experts as well as visually impaired test subjects. 
    • Usability and productivity also need to be a part of the testing.
    • The first tests are scheduled for 2/21/18.  We are going to use for testing.
    • The expectation is for folks to pick a testing method and which features/pages to test.
    • No expectation to test all items on the list unless someone has ability to get a group of participants to do so.
  • JIRA:  Will be used to record defects by John Colburn and Khalilah as actionable JIRA items -  which is also how the development teams will see them. Please note, the A11Y SIG members do not all need JIRA accounts so you can ignore the link I sent with the agenda
  • Some discussion around accessibility testing tools:
    • It was noted some accessibility testing tools work better with specific browsers.  WebAIM does a survey around this topic, if anyone is interested:
    • It was also noted IE works better with several older tools - and many tools are now working better under Windows 10.


Action items

  • Jesse and Debbie will share the testing template with our respective accessibility labs for comment:
  • One of the assumptions we will make with testing is adherence to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 since it is in use internationally, and all recent changes to Section 508 (US Government Accessibility Standards) are aligned with WCAG 2.0.  John Colburn will share this expectation with the programmers.
  • It was decided a slack channel for open discussion around testing was needed.  Peter Murray set up a slack channel for our use, #accessibility, after the meeting.
  • John Colburn will add links to the Accessibility SIG’s folio Wiki to the documentation for stripes-components for more public exposure for accessibility tools and guidelines.

Open issue resolutions from previous meetings:

Jesse checked into allowing the SIG to use Cornell’s copy of Site Improve for testing, but that will not be possible.

Updates from Product Council affecting the A11Y SIG:

The PC selected Chrome as the browser of choice for development.

One concern is some screen readers may not work as well with Chrome.