• Welcome and overview of agenda format (30 min)
  • WolfCon (10 min) 
    • Set of guidelines for application development (here's what you should be doing to write an app; awareness of accessibility documentation that already exists)
    • Documentation awareness 
    • SIG is open for developers to come to get feedback  
    • Consider the broader audience of OLF

Regular Agenda 

  • Developer Validation 
  • Jira Updates
  • New items (as needed) 
  • Project Work
    • VPAT and Accessibility Statement 
    • Keyboard Navigation
      • FOLIO needs to be keyboard navigable. The document is where we are and where we need to be (Keyboard Navigation
      • Need feedback and continue to develop. 
      • Make the document discoverable to the community. (I use this key and doesn't work) 
      • Tables are validated that they work in FOLIO 
      • Next steps
        • Accessibility SIG Validation 
          • Missing navigation keyboard strokes 
          • Non-industry standards (keyboard navigation not other library management system) 
          • Review implementation notes for clarity and accuracy 
        • Gather frequently used shortcuts and macros (create list) 
    • Training
    • Advisory User Panel 
    • Documentation 
  • Initiatives Check-in
    • Training
    • UX Testing 
    • Advisory (yet to start, see project work)
  • Good of the group announcements
    • Khalilah is putting together a listserv list of related accessibility listservs developers can join
    • There is a document tied to testing and would be another editing session 

Next meeting:

  • Nov 12, 2019 10:00 AM - call for developer validation; review the keyboard naivgation 
  • Dec 10, 2019 10:00 AM - survey regarding freqently used shortcuts 

Action items