1. Developer Validation (n/a - yet) 

  2. Jira Updates (5 minutes) 

    1. Backlog 
  3. New items (as needed)  (n/a - yet) 

    1. Wolfcon? 
      1. WACG compliance is Tech Debt - SIG/Lib/Tech Council - Get in a room to discuss what does compliance for what to does compliance mean. At a high level what does compliance look like. And then what does a developer need to be doing. 
      2. Accessibility and open source (similar to Ebsco User group) 
      3. Short-cut keys session? 
    2. Definition of Done
      1. How are the POs integrating accessibility into their definition of done? 
      2. Still need training - How do you I use aXe? 
      3. People want VPATs
  4. Project Work

    • VPAT and Accessibility Statement (n/a) 
      • Start proposal to the Product council 
    • Keyboard Navigation (20 min) 
      • Google doc: Keyboard Navigation
        • Accessibility SIG Validation 
          • Missing navigation keyboard strokes 
          • Non-industry standards (keyboard navigation not other library management system) 
          • Review implementation notes for clarity and accuracy 
        • Gather frequently used shortcuts and macros (create list) 
      • Discussion 
        • Accept as is and move forward
        • Have been moved out of users and now in components 
    • Training (n/a)
    • Advisory User Panel (n/a)
    • Documentation (n/a) 
  5. Initiatives Check-in (n/a) 

    • Training
    • UX Testing 
      • aXe training? Is there anyone at Texas A&M? 
    • Advisory (yet to start, see project work)
  6. Good of the group announcements (5 min) 

Next meeting:

  • Nov 12, 2019 10:00 AM - call for developer validation; review the keyboard navigation 
  • Dec 10, 2019 10:00 AM - survey regarding frequently used shortcuts 
  • Jan 14, 2020 10:00 AM 

Action items

Task report

Looking good, no incomplete tasks.