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Agenda and Notes 

  1. Jira Check-in 
    1. Accessibility Dashboard 
  2. Automated Testing
    1. Action item: Kathy reach out to John Coburn to investigate - Done
    2. John's response on 3/10 to my inquiry into ADA unit testing was:

      Currently we do some static testing for labelling (aria-label, aria-labelled by)  within our component library to be sure that the functionality works at the component level.

      We’ve recommended that developers use the axe tools manually to evaluate their FOLIO modules – but it would still be better to integrate it into an automated tool. Tomorrow and the next day I’m set to attend some presentations from Deque Labs (the makers of axe) to see if I can get more info from them about including their toolset in our testing pipeline.

      Ideally, it’s a layer that goes on top of our existing tests that just gives the module an accessibility ‘score’ with some feedback on how to fix certain issues… we can then probably take actions/write stories that involve raising the score of a modules’ tests in such a tool (similar to our threshold of test coverage at 80%)

      I’ll let you guys in the accessibility SIG know what I find out from Deque as well as any further developments as this endeavor moves along
  3. Keyboard testing
    1. Results from survey:
  4. Testing 
    1. CU Boulder - Schedule  
    2. All apps with the exception of MARCcat and Course Reserves have been checked with Deque aXe. Teams are actively addressing these issues.
    3. Created the following story for the eholdings app: Proof of Concept: Automated Accessibility Compliance Testing Tool with CI | UIEH-940 - Getting issue details... STATUS  )
    4. Keyboard in development (Huda) 
  5. Discussion of Next Steps
    1. VPAT 
    2. Standards and timelines 
      2.,Union%20(%E2%80%9CEU%E2%80%9D). - Accessibility Statement by the Sept 21st? 

Next meeting:

  • Sept 8 - Keyboard checklist / VPAT & Standards