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Elizabeth German

Paul Moeller

Ranti Junus

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  1. CU Boulder - Schedule  | 2021 Schedule 
    1. Testing has started. 
    2. Meeting with Acquisitions to discuss feedback
  2. Updates from MSU testing
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Reported IssuesHow is the pane slider accessible? 
  • Khalilah Gambrell - We had a question about how does a screen reader read the slider and how can you move it using keyboard navigation. 
Accessibility of resourcesDiscussion 
  • How are people recording accessibility of materials? 
  • TAMU: We're using coral. Things are tagged and VPATS are stored with licenses 
  • CU-Bolder: Extensive testing
  • How does FOLIO handle this? 
  • Can we have a conversation with the ERM folks to discuss how to document accessibility of resources within FOLIO? 
Next Meeting Planning / Parking Lot

Parking lot

  • Assistive Technology User Group 
  • FOLIO on tablets / touch technology / voice
  • New governance model (slidedeck)
  • Update on the accessibility demo 
  • Does one meeting a month keep us moving in a way that is sufficient?
  • What is the role of the SIG in the community? Relationship between development and testing. Especially with new modules. What is the expectations of the community of the SIG?  
  • What are implementers having issues with and what are others doing? Documentation of accessibility?
  • How is accessibility information about the resources built in into the system? 
  • Line between usability and accessibility 
  • User engagement 
  • Overarching Goal: Make sure that other libraries are able to adopt FOLIO 
    • What does an updated demo look like? (follow what Jane did and should show resolved issues) 
  • There is a request from the PC to develop process for telling the story of how we are improving the accessibility within FOLIO. There was also interest in having another demo of accessibility within FOLIO. 

    • Something to consider: report dashboard page for documenting evidence of improvement/testing 
    • Elizabeth German and Khalilah will review the Assessment Approach section to expand upon our practices. 
    • Documenting progress (explain what we did as a narrative and Abby can capture) 
    • Data element (tickets created / tickets resolved)