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Ann CrowleyKimberly PamplinOkay OkonkwoYuntian Hu
Dennis BridgesKimberly SmithPeter Breternitz
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Current: Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Housekeeping -

Business -

  • FYRO update to share with group (if any)
  • Discuss Acq SIG WOLFcon 2023 session(s) proposal submission (see brainstorming wiki for ideas we discussed earlier - see WOLFcon 2023 Acq SIG brainstorming)
  • Quick poll on WOLFcon 2023 - who will attend in person or virtually
  • Confirm the retrieving of Product IDs for POL is appropriate MODORDERS-898 - Retrieve Product IDs from instance consistently when creating POL or changing connection of POL DRAFT
  • Review and discuss use cases for displaying piece information in discovery platforms

Discussion items

  • Housekeeping -

    • Next meeting - Tuesday, June 20 at 1 pm Eastern
    • WOLFcon 2023 proposal submission deadline extended to June 19 (more see submission form)
    • A wiki page for sharing FYRO warning/error/failed/success messages was created - feedback welcomed
      • scolglaz 12:08 PM
        Maybe also a column for Notes -- like Oh, I used setting XY and I should have done ZY

FYRO update to share with group (if any)

  • Asked who will be at WOLFcon?
    • In Person
      • Yuntian Hu
      • Joe Reimers
      • Kristin Martin
      • Aaron Neslin
      • Martina Scholdt
      • Robert Heaton
      • Julie Stauffer
      • Lisa Smith (tentatively in person)
      • Dennis Bridges
      • Ann Crowley (possibly in person)
      • Scott Perry
      • Heather McMillan
    • Virtually
      • Dung-Lan
  • Topics? 
    • Ann Crowley 12:39 PM
      Could we have a session on FYRO to go over where we are and where we would like to be
    • Joel will do a PO Ask me anything
    • Lisa Smith, Mich State 12:42 PM
      I'm most interesting in learning more about ongoing orders; best practices and what's coming.
    • Dennis: Lets do a survey before the conf on what is missing  
    • Ann Crowley 12:44 PM
      Survey sounds good
    • Dennis: Also willing to do an ask me anything
    • Joe Reimers (EBSCO) 12:45 PM
      I'm seeing a panel of POs for open Q&A. Yeah, I planned to book a 50 minute panel discussion
    • scolglaz 12:53 PM
      This appears to be the jira Jennifer Eustis created

    • scolglaz  to  Everyone 12:53 PM
      for: Addition of Flags to Quickly Identify Requests and POLs Connected to Instance/holdings/items

    • Summary - 
      • Survey to ask about existing features and where there is room for improvement. What do you think is an important feature still missing. Dennis will do
      • WOLFcon - Acq PO's will have an ask me anything session. Joe will submit. 
      • WOLFcon  - Dennis will do a state of the union for folio acq, will have some questions on FYRO improvements. 
      • WOLFcon - Martina will reach out to Owen for a session over serials
      • WOLFcon - Dennis will work on a session UI UX discussion on how information is displayed
      • WOLFcon - Dennis will ask Ann-Marie to do a session on Data import

Action items