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Discussion items

 :08 Implementers Topic # 92

Implementers Topic # 92

Finance: Expended amount minus credits

We would like to see an amount in Finance that shows what has been expended without the inclusion of credits. For e.g.: We had a fund where we had a large credit of ($161,359.41). We processed a number of payments to spend down this amount. At the end of it, you cannot tell that this even happened from the Budget Summary screen. It only looks like we’ve spent $1,532.10. You must click into “View transactions” to see the individual transaction list. If you wanted to get the total amount of what has been spent (without credits) from there, you would then have to add up all those transactions manually.


Okay: Here we have a $30,000 missing expenditure problem. For those of us that rely on Budget Summaries for putting our ARL statistics together or to answer selectors’ simple question like “how much have I spent on this account”, I’m afraid we cannot get our answers from this area.

Ann Crowley 8:14 AM
It reflects Net expenditures

Owen Stephens 8:17 AM
This may be a silly question but what’s the purpose of the “Unavailable”?

Okay: This is only a problem if credit is received from a previous year.  

Dennis: We will seperate the expended # into two. Expended will be a summary of all expended. And a 2nd line that will be a summary of all the credits. All the other values will be unchanged.

Paivi Rentz 8:30 AM
We’re not live yet but I am hoping it is possible to export all payments (including credits) and in the export I would be able to identify any discrepancy

Lisa Smith, Mich State 8:31 AM
We can export payments from the Invoice app

Robert Heaton 8:32 AM
Would libraries want to track how a credit was expended? Should that be applied to specific expenses, or is it “money” in a sense that is equivalent to allocated funds?

Pamplin, Kimberly B 8:32 AM
Exporting transactions is #83 on the Implementer's Topic List

Dennis Bridges 8:33 AM
Paivi take a look at topic 83 in the list. This is not implemented but we have discussion a solution.

Lisa Smith, Mich State 8:33 AM
Exporting transactions would be nice for looking over encumbrances.

:35 Implementers Topic  #94
  • Editable fields in the open PO/POL
  • Could we in general review and understand what fields are editable in a PO that is open and why? Thinking about this list of fields in the Order: Acquisitions Orders Module. Some fields can still be edited in open orders; others can't. Unopening/reopening POs can be problematic, as it impacts Receiving and the connection to Inventory, so we don't like to do that. While we understand that some fields drive workflows and really shouldn't/couldn't be edited on open POs, there are other specific fields in the POL we would like to be able to edit:

    • Donor
    • Selector
    • Check/uncheck Rush box
    • Vendor Account Number
    • Instructions to Vendor

    Are there other fields other libraries would like to be editable? Happy to make this a broad discussion.

  • Carla Lafayette College (specifically the Selector field)

    Sara Colglazier (MH\5C): at the PO level the Subscription Note & other Ongoing Order Information AND when it is not Linked to Inventory then I should be able to edit any and all Title related info

    Kimberly Pamplin - (TAMU) Especially problematic for ongoing orders for us. (Specifically date fields and Vendor Account # for us.)

    Julie Brannon Duke University

    Kimberly Smith Subscription Dates, specifically dealing with streaming video leases

  • Lisa Smith, Mich State 8:39 AM

Discussion on on the vendor account #. This one may be harder to make editable.  Discussion on use cases for why libraries need to edit this feild. 

Lisa Smith, Mich State 8:39 AM 
At the point of order, our processor may not know which account number is "correct."

Lisa Smith, Mich State 8:58 AM
Can a tag be added to the POL after it's opened? - Answer: yes

Scott Perry (UChicago) 8:59 AM
Many of us are at ALA.

Dennis: We will continue the converstaion when more are here. Please add comments here or in the Jira. 

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