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  • Current: Tuesday, August 29, 2023 ,noon

    Housekeeping -

    Business -

    • Feedback re: WOLFCon 2023 from in person and virtual attendees
    • If time permits, discuss Implementers Topics (continue discussing #108 Kimberly Pamplin which started in the last meeting?!,  #110 Sven Thomsen)
      • #108 Reverse Actions order in Organizations Notes
      • #110 Deleting acquisition units

Discussion items

  • Housekeeping -

    • Next meeting, Friday, Sept. 1 at 9 am Eastern - Package POLs with Sara Colglazier
    • Friday, Sept. 29, at 9 am Eastern - Owen Stephens will demo supplementary properties & term filter builder functions used in Agreements & real life application of the function shared by some institutions
 :07 WOLFcon
  • Any Feedback from the group? 
  • Heather will add links to Acq related WOLFcon presentations in the WOLFcon 2023 Acq folder. 
  • Kristin Martin 12:09 PM
    I think having them linked from WOLFcon and having them together under the wiki would be really helpful.
    They are coming (re video recordings)
    Peter is breaking them up
  • Dung-Lan: As a virtual attendee, it was hard to hear people speaking in the room if they didn't have a microphone.  
  • Ann Crowley: Dennis - do you feel our current meeting format is meeting your needs? Dennis: I am still getting a lot of value out of the calls. Sometimes I have nothing, sometimes I have a ton of stuff all at once. 
  • Dung-Lan: Should we reduce the meeting frequency? 
  • Heather McMillan: You 12:16 PM
    Maybe once a week, alternating Tuesdays and Fridays?
  • Dennis: What can po's and conveners do to help.. maybe market research to discuss what the most important issues are. Brainstorming ideas to get bigger picture feedback for Acquisitions. Priority's for Acq SIG and other SIG's. Information about broader issues. We talk a a lot about the fine details, but a broader vision for what we all want. What problems do we want Acquisitions to address? What would make folio better than other systems?...  It would be nice to work on other topics than feature refinement. 
  • Dung-Lan Chen 12:19 PM
    Yes, I'd definitely like to know what I can do more to help POs.
    and institutions who are using FOLIO and acquisitions Apps.
  • Dennis: Implementers Topics list is very valuable 
  • Sara: There are 4 buckets. 1) Implementers Topics, 2) Dennis asking questions for what needs to happen. 3) Would also like to hear not in the weeds, future oriented big picture topics.... 4) Helping each other, show and tell here in the SIG for people in FOLIO. 
  • Kristin: Product council has talked about this too. And how to identify problems before they blow up and become big problems.  Discussed how we used to have a larger group for the bigger pic topics, and Acq was a small group to do the in the weeds topics. If we want to work on the Implementers topics, lets do more work in advance and combine topics that are similar. 
  • Martina: In SIG conveners meetings we discussed how to work more effectively with PO's. 
  • scolglaz 12:28 PM
    Thanks: SIG: Special … Group!
    The Small Group was on Tuesdays, and the rest of us met on Fridays
    In ERM we have pre-home-work. Martina can speak to that.
  • Martina Schildt 12:34 PM
    In ERM we have reduced meeting times to bi-weekly meetings, by the way - this seems sufficient for the moment
  • 12:37 PM
    Even if the homework is to review the next 3 Implementers Topic before the meeting.
    I also do not mind having the meeting on my calendar and then it getting canceled.  It is harder to carve out time if it is not on my calendar
  • wiljanen 12:39 PM
    +1 Kimberly
  • Dennis: With the number of meetings we currently have, we still have a good number of people attending. So people are still getting value. If we cancel a meeting, maybe use it for user accepting testing or other homework. As we are talking though this, and the different things we are focusing on. Maybe have more people focusing on the different areas to bring to the meeting. To have a more curated meetings topics, having more people will help.  
  • Sara: Finds the homework they do in ERM useful. It's usually a google document shared out with specific questions they fill in. You can even fill it in during the meeting. And this is a way to get feedback from people that may not want to speak up in a meeting.  Maybe take an implementers topic and transfer it to a google doc for people to fill in before the meeting. 
  • Martina Schildt 12:46 PM
    And you can add to it afterwards as well
  • Kimberly Smith: On the google Doc have a spot for 'is this important for your library' to get a sense of how important a feature is. 
  • Dennis: From the notes we'll get the key mentions, create a wiki page for ACQ sig improvements. Conversation shall continue. 

  • Are materials ever donated by vendors? 
    • scolglaz 12:54 PM
      yes, the Smithsonian institute is one. 

      Lisa Smith - Mich State 12:54 PM

    • Lisa Smith - Mich State 12:55 PM
      Library of congress sometimes sends us 'freebies' with our standing orders.  We don't create orders for these items.
    • Julie: Are you asking if they need to be acknowledged as a donor, or are they gifting material to the library?
      • Dennis: I'd be curious of both, but more specifically gifting material the library. 
    • Lisa Smith - Mich State 12:55 PM
      Library of congress sometimes sends us 'freebies' with our standing orders.  We don't create orders for these items.
  • Dennis: Are materials donated by groups of individuals?
    • Dung-Lan Chen 12:58 PM
      Student clubs
    • Lucinda Williams (she/her) 1:00 PM
      Yes, multiple donors
    • scolglaz 1:00 PM
      ... In memory of their mother
    • Kimberly Smith (MTSU) 1:00 PM
      +1 to Sara

Lucinda Williams (she/her) 1:00 PM
Sometimes we get things donated as a Comes With when purchasing something else. Do you consider that a donation?


Can a donor be a person or an organization? 

  • Yes. It could be a personal name or a corporation. 
  • Lisa Smith - Mich State 1:01 PM
  • Masayo Uchiyama 1:01 PM
    We've received complimentary print copies from Cornell University Press for new publications.
  • scolglaz 1:03 PM
    But sometimes it is not only about $$
  • Lisa Smith - Mich State 1:03 PM
    I can't think of a time we've received a donation from a corp and an individual
  • scolglaz 1:03 PM
    Sometimes people want recognition

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