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Discussion items

  • Next meeting, this Friday (9/15) at 9 am Eastern
  • Part 2 of Package POLs with Sara Colglazier tentatively planned for Tuesday, Sept. 26
  • Please participate App Interaction survey re: UI for Save button (deadline - 9/19/23) if possible.  Thank you!
  • Implementers Topic #96 discussion planned for next Tuesday (9/19)
  • Discussing donors will be on the agenda for this Friday (9/15)
 :06 ClaimingDennis 
  • Dennis has been working on claiming workflows.  
  • Dennis showed the group some wireframes related to claiming. 
  • In an Organization record, you can set a claiming interval.  Recently, is thinking this isn't valuable as it is. 
    • At the moment, Details about claiming begin in the organization record.
    • Claiming can be done with some vendors by edifact
    • In the Integration accordion, may be able to add claiming. 
    • Could have edifact driven claiming
    • Or alternative formats like csv that could be added to a file location or directly emailed to someone. 
    • For any given order you should be able to decide if claiming is active for that title.  Would need to be able to say if claiming is active and what the interval is. 
    • Ultimately the data for claiming would live in the receiving record. (receiving app)
    • This opens up possibilities for working with the serials management application as well. 
    • The connection between receiving and the check in pattern happens at the check in title. The receiving title has one or many pieces on it. The pattern would determine how many pieces are generated.  
    • It's possible to have many multiple patterns for a particular receiving title. 
    • Dung-Lan - How does claiming interval relate to the receiving claiming interval?
      • It's just a default. Example, for any Ebsco order may have a default of a claim interval of 30 days. However, it can be changed. Each title can be updated to a different interval. 
    • Sara: Would I be able to set a claiming active and claiming interval in the receiving record without setting it in the organization record?
      • Dennis: Yes. 
    • Dung-Lan Chen 12:23 PM
      Claiming interval should probably be at title level as frequency/publisher allowed claiming window, etc would affect automatic and manual claiming timing etc.
    • 12:24 PM
      I could see a standard interval for a smaller vendor being useful
    • Daniel Huang, Lehigh University 12:24 PM
      I agree
    • In the receiving app, the expected issues will be listed with a date it's expected by. Once the claiming interval has passed without the issue being received, a claim would be generated. Either through edifact or a csv file. 
  • The other possibility, is the claim became pending and you decide to delay the claim. You can delay on a piece by piece basis,  or in bulk. 
  • Setting aside the automated version, we can manually claim pieces that are pending.  Can use the multi select screen to select claims as well. 
  • What happens when you hit 'claim' is something we are still looking at. 
  • Closing claim - if you receive the claimed issue, then it auto closes the claim. The other way is to have a button. Don't have a cancel claim use case. 
    • Heather McMillan 12:39 PM
      yes - if you find out it was only published digitally instead of printed.
    • scolglaz 12:40 PM
      Or it is out of print and you will never get it
    • Martina Schildt | VZG 12:40 PM
      +1 to Heather
    • Lisa Smith - Mich State 12:41 PM
      I would want 'closed' claims out of expected pieces, and cancelled claims!
    • Dung-Lan Chen 12:43 PM
      Or if we missed the claim window publisher allowed (for ongoing sub), then the claim won't be fulfilled by the publ - fall under "closed" claim category perhaps.
  • Dennis: In reading through use cases, claiming is driven by organizations. It's assuming that when you are making claims, its being claimed by a particular organization. Might be claiming one order at a time, or claiming multiple items for the month for the vendor. 
    • Lisa Smith - Mich State 12:46 PM
      I would like all vendors, and a big list - I could then sort by vendor.
    • Dung-Lan Chen 12:46 PM
      can "Organization" be a filter among all claimable items/pieces?
    • Lisa Smith - Mich State 12:46 PM
      I'm afraid we would miss claiming for smaller vendors.
      • Dennis: Are you saying you'd rather one one big file to begin with rather than setting this up for every organization?
      • Lisa: Yes, because then I could sort it. 
    • Martina: We would need the list to be filterable so different teams can work on this. 
    • Dung-Lan Chen 12:50 PM
      Agree with Martina about order type being a filter option.