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Housekeeping -

  • Next meeting, Tuesday (10/3) at 1 pm

PC Update (Kristin Martin) -

Business -

  • Supplementary properties and term filter builder demo (Many thanks to Owen Stephens )
  • Discuss/demo how the above function(s) is/are used by institutions (Many Thanks to Ben Jahre and Zorian Sasyk, too! )

Discussion items

  • Next meeting, Tuesday (10/3) at 1 pm
:04PC UpdateKristin Martin
:12Supplementary ProperitesOwen Stephens
  • Origins - Licenses Terms
    • Different institutions wanted to record different terms
      • May be expected, but not required
      • Can change over time
      • Can be complex
      • Need to be searchable in combination
      • Some cannot be shared publicly
      • May need notes internally or publicly
  • Implemented code to support requirements
  • Terms → Supplementary Properties
    • Agreements had need for similar, but not completely identical functionality
    • Agreements & Licenses highly related.
    • Easy to re-use the "custom properties" code from Licenses in Agreements
    • Resulted in implementation of "Supplementary properties" for Agreements
  • ~:18 - Where we are today
    • Developments for one available to other
    • Added more functionality since original definition
      • Additional types
      • Support deprecation
      • Property/term categories
    • Some aspects make more sense for one app than the other
    • Could reconsider shared approach in future
      • Sometimes makes functionality look a bit strange, where something may not be needed in that case
  • ~:20 - Demo - Orchid BugFest
    • Settings > Agreements > Supplementary Properties
    • Settings > Licenses > Terms
    • New Supplementary Property:
      • Six Types:
        • Decimal (up to two decimal places) - e.g. cost amount
        • Integer - e.g. number of seats
        • Text
        • Pick List (single select from list of values)
        • Pick List (multi-select from list of values)
        • Date
    • ~:24 Setting up a new supplemetary property (Pick List) example
      • Description will appear under information icon to provide more information to staff about what it is
      • Can add multiple categories
      • Order weight - defines which order the properties will appear in on agreements. Higher the number, the lower down the list they will appear. Lightest (lower number) will float to the top. Can make a negative number if you need to float above zero.
      • Primary property - comes from license concept. Idea of terms that you would normally expect. All primary will display by default because they are expected to be set. 
      • Deprecated - Can deprecate old properties
      • Default Visibility - In Licenses makes a difference. API that allows sharing publicly. Will only display license terms marked public
        • For agreements no specific functionality related to this at the moment. 
    • ~:29 Demo of creation of a few more supplementary properties
    • ~:30 Viewing properties within agreement
    • ~:33 Fitler builder demonstration
      • Can build more complex query 
    • ~:35 Deprecating a property
      • Once property is marked as deprecated will display with "DEPRECATED" in Agreements where assigned.
      • In creating a new agreement/editing agreement that did not have it, property will not be available to select
      • Can search by Deprecated properties, but they are clearly marked.
:39DemoBen Jahre
  • In Licenses capture as a term "Disability Compliance"
    • Commitments to adhere to WCAG/Accessibility standards
    • Internal note linking to section of the license
      • Not public
      • Not detailed, usually need VPAT for that
  • Did an accessibility audit to seek out VPAT for every product 
  • Supplementary properties (Accessibility)
    • VPAT Available
    • Internal note about when it was checked
    • Visibility: Public
    • Public note with URL
  • Goal is to eventually be able to display with users
  • ~:45 Using Filter Builder
    • Can look at all where VPAT is available
    • Can see if there is a public statement available (on vendor's website) - included in internal note
    • Can see if nothing is set or some other format
  • Able to record vendor response and other internal notes, e.g. small not-for-profit that does not have resources to undertake VPAT
  • Another supplementary property: "Does this agreement support Open Access"
    • When and how much paid
  • ~:52 discussion regarding having URLs linkable
    • Rich text not currently supported in the internal note 
    • Security issues
    • Maybe some combination of supplementary properties and supplementary documents

  • Will schedule another meeting for Zorian to present. 

Action items