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NOTE: There could be a "Receive on approval" of Order or Invoice in voyager.

UXPROD-3227 - Getting issue details... STATUS


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Use cases


  • In Voyager users are able to trigger a "Receive on approval". Meaning all items that are expected for the order being paid for are marked as received when the invoice is approved.

  • At the point of invoice review, users may also choose to receive all items as the reviewer may be closer to the receipt process. In these workflows, the invoice approver would look at the invoice after the items have been received.


  • When loading EDIFACT invoices or MARC invoicing data, user may want to indicate that related items should be considered received on approval of the invoice.


  • Shelf ready data coming in will update inventory records, so we are just looking to mark the pieces as received so no one needs to go through the receiving workflow

Workflow 1 - TBD

Add toggle to approval confirmation modal that allows user to indicate they would like all pieces set to received.

Once user clicks confirm the POL Payment and receipt statuses would be changed to Fully paid and Fully received respectively.

This could result in the order being closed automatically


  • Decision can be made on approval
  • Could implement a specific permission for receive on approval

Workflow 2 - TBD

Add toggle to invoice lines that allows user to indicate they would like all pieces for POL to be received when invoice transitions to approved.

This toggle will display in invoice line information in the view pane


  • Could work well in combination with integrations like EDIFACT - allow profiles to be set as receive on approval
  • Control related POLs independently even though they appear on one invoice

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1 Comment

  1. In Sierra/Innovative there is a user controlled setting to have the status code of orders attached to an invoice record changed automatically, at the point an invoice is completed, from On Order (o) to FOLIO’s equivalent of Fully Received (a).  A huge time saver compared to manually updating each order record status code individually.  When a Sierra order record status code changes to Received (a), the public catalog piece status automatically updates message from “On Order” to “In Process.”

    FOLIO’s proposed Receive On Approval of Invoice addresses combining Payment & Receipt into one step as the Sierra setting does, even if not yet full functionality of the Sierra process.  Glad to see plans developing to move this direction.

    MSU would probably be using Workflow 1 cited above.  Definitely could see larger institutions using both Workflows though depending on what pieces are being processed.

    Suspect most institutions of any size would like to see specific permissions for this activity.  Finance people tend to prefer fairly tight control.