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UXPROD-1018 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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  1. From Dennis: Regarding this feature I'm hoping to get use cases regarding the management of Donor codes and there related information. I think we have clearly outlined where we need to add that information (I.E. order record) and that it could be added directly or via an associated Fund (Budget). It would also be helpful to capture use cases here regarding the display of bookplate information. Assuming it is in the order where do you need to see it internally before the public interface displays it the information. Do you ever come back and edit the codes or information to adjust what the public sees? Is there a step in your process where you confirm the donor info is present? I believe we will need a separate feature for moving the information forward from the order and these use cases will help outline that feature.

  2. We might edit codes after they have been entered on an order (that is, we enter a code, then realize have made a mistake and change it to another code)

    We might create an order without a donor code and then later in the process go back and add a code (usually we are assigning endowment budgets to orders and we wouldn't send/place/commit an order without a budget--but it could work this way if donor donations go into general funds and when ever someone makes a donation some number of books get acknowledgement notes/plates).

    We might add a donor code to an order, then some time later edit the donor record to change what we want to display.