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Session proposals submission deadline - June 5, 2023

Last year's WOLFcon 2022 Schedule

Topics you'd like to see presented in WOLFcon 2023 -

  • Product owner functionality demo(s)
  • Continuations Receiving workflow & display in Library Catalog
  • Product Owner Ask Me Anything panel (Q&A, release process/frequency, the impacts of flower releases to implementers and how to help keep up with changes, etc. ... )
  • Existing features - where do you see the most room for improvement in existing features for workflow efficacy? where do you feel there isn't much room for improvement?
  • New features - what important functionality do you think is missing?
  • A dedicated session on ongoing orders
  • Intersection of Dashboard app and Acquisitions
  • Demo on serials work that have been done
  • Session on data import related to acquisitions to address pain points
  • How information displays in various Acquisitions related Apps and getting input from implementers on what changes may be needed to help improve experiences

Topic(s) you'd like to present -

Any other comments/suggestions/thoughts welcomed -

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