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Discussion items

  1. Workflow tools
    1. What are the differences and what are the similarities
    2. How can we make the solutions more adoptable?
    3. Next steps: e.g. create a Slack channel wehre people can share tools and experiences
  2. AI SIG survey



Workflow toolUsed by institutionType of tasks / workflowsNotes
  • back and forth between automated tasks and human tasks
  • creates workflows as JSON
  • workflow interacts with FOLIO and communicates via e-mail with user
  • Camunda uses BPMN to express it’s flows (Business process modelling and notation)
  • defines business processes
  • Purchase Request Platform (developed in free version)
  • use Kanban boards
  • JIRA ticket enrichment to get pricing by title via API
  • e.g. speed up decision making
  • prefect is a python based workflow engine
  • different workflows, such as:
    • Ordering
    • PDA
    • cataloguing metadata corrections in FOLIO
    • setting holdings in OCLC
  • more data oriented workflows
  • 2023-01-25 Meeting notes: workflow management with Prefect

  • recording
  • use cloud based free version |  good accessibility
  • not plug and play; everything has python script behind it
  • python scripts are shareable
  • Similarity with Airflow: Prefect and Airflow both use DAGs and have a great deal of overlap in their functionality
  • needs upskilling people
  • bibliographic workflows
  • data loading
  • consists of DAGs → DAG: Directed Acyclic Graph (one direction)
    • each for separate workflow; different DAGs can be connected for migration
  • more data oriented workflows
  • different problem solved (rather migration)
  • manage loads of data efficiently
  • Next steps: e.g. create a Slack channel wehre people can share tools and experiences
  • Questions 
    • could the work that has been done for FOLIO to work with Camunda be used for Prefect or Airflow as well?
    • the closer tools are tied to FOLIO the more accessible?
    • will hosts support it?
      • for Elastic Search/Open Search they did
      • not for LDP
    • FOLIO internal vs. external solution for workflows - is there a preference - what are the thoughts of the TC?
    • How progress workflow discussion → PC?
      • would need PO and dev team to make progress
      • Heather will reach out to TAMU on their plans on Camunda

AI SIG survey

  • to improve the overall experience I would ask you to answer the linked survey, that will only take a few minutes
  • the survey will be open until Feb 22nd




Future topics

  • Topic proposal by Owen Stephens for October:
    • Use of shortcut keys and macros for more effective cross-app working  - it also be good to have UX and Stripes/dev knowledge for this discussion I think. I know @Laura (she/they) uses macros so might have insights into the potential for cross-app working
    • Potential for external 'workflow' solutions for cross-app interactions
      • I think 'workflow' is a dangerous term here - in this context it's more about automation than user workflows, although I think there is overlap
      • I was particularly struck by the solution in production at TAMU (Jeremy Huff and Sebastian Hammer presented, the recording is at starting at 3 hrs, 14 min) - I think getting someone from TAMU to talk about how this is used would be v interesting (tick)
      • There was also a presentation on the use of a tool called Airflow at Stanford for "bibliographic workflow" but I've not watched that yet so not 100% sure if it is completely applicable - I think the core use case there was systems migration but it may go beyond that (tick)
      • Jenn Colt on using Prefect (tick)
      • does not need to be workflow across apps
  • UX/UI and implementers topics
    • should be Wednesdays
  • Comprehensive look at where data is copied and stored as opposed to live data | how it is represented
  • Date filters and how they work in different apps




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