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  1. Printing in FOLIO: Printing in FOLIO


  • Khalilah and John cannot attend the meeting. The stripes-force team will review the use cases and provide next steps in mid April
  • General questions to answer:
    • printing active screen vs. whole screen
    • do we need the ability to select?
    • do we want to "build" the print out
  • in browser printing the whole screen is working | seems to work since Nolana | there is just a windows print bug currently
    • printed is always the right hand pane
    • additional thought: we can hide search & filter already -- could we have a similar interface for other panes and then print what is currently displaying > by that we could print either the detail view with the record as well as the results list
  • Owen in chat: I think JSON->Print template could be an interesting piece of functionality.
  • the existing functionality satisfies the current needs
  • for a more customised behaviour we can work on being able to create print templates
    • con: it is cumbersome to create the templates
    • Laura: this may not be as useful in Inventory as for other apps
    • Owen in chat: I like the potential of flexibility here | And we could create some standardised templates of course | That come with the app by default
  • Question to embed the print button in the UI?
    • request: have print buttons per pane to print the panes separately
  • for tags printing does not work currently >bug
  • printing modals: only the modal is printed > that is what users expect
  • Next steps:
    • Martina will create an umbrella for printing in FOLIO and all printing related tickets will be linked > FOLIO-3742 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Martina will create a dashboard to display all printing related tickets
    • SIG conveners and POs will report to their SIGs on existing functionality in Nolana and check against the use cases whether there is still something outstanding
    • Zak will create tickets for the bugs that have been encountered during the meeting


17:07:20 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    Sorry I’m late
17:11:33 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
    Maybe the Epic could be owned by the Cross App SIG
17:12:03 Von  Martina Schildt | VZG  an  Alle:
    Reacted to "Maybe the Epic could..." with 👍
17:12:06 Von  Dung-Lan Chen  an  Alle:
    Sorry about my ignorance … is printing available in any of existing FOLIO apps/functions?
17:12:09 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
    Yes, a UX first approach here, would be great
17:15:59 Von  Laura Daniels  an  Alle:
    Dung-Lan, a very good question. There are some places where printing does work well already, welll, at least one: the source record view (i.e. view of MARC record) w/in Inventory prints well
17:16:13 Von  Laura Daniels  an  Alle:
    I imagine there are others???
17:16:28 Von  Kimberly Pamplin  an  Alle:
    I know there is some printing in order records as well.
17:17:01 Von  Erin Nettifee  an  Alle:
    I mean, it depends on what you mean - browser printing is possible everywhere - whether you get what you want is another question
17:17:08 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
    And print functionality when an item is checked in
17:17:11 Von  Dennis Bridges  an  Alle:
    Yes you are able to print orders and Vouchers. I wouldn’t say it is particularly special but it is funcitonal
17:17:46 Von  Erin Nettifee  an  Alle:
    i think most of the use cases are browser printing - i am seeing something on the screen, and i want it to print well
17:18:06 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
    That would be good to gather all the existing functionality and have them accessible as examples on a wiki page
17:18:17 Von  Erin Nettifee  an  Alle:
    the pull slips are different because they print from a business logic call - you're not printing what's in the browser
17:19:00 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
    In the conversation I don’t think we only focus on the browser print functionality
17:19:48 Von  Erin Nettifee  an  Alle:
    I would at least start just with browser print functionality
17:20:31 Von  Erin Nettifee  an  Alle:
    a lot of the use cases on the google doc were things that were about reprinting notices and stuff like that
17:20:49 Von  Erin Nettifee  an  Alle:
    and that needs to go to the sigs
17:21:05 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    That works for me on snapshot
17:21:22 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    That is you only get the content of the view pane
17:23:44 Von  Erin Nettifee  an  Alle:
    gets nice and mushy at the bottom
17:24:03 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    I think JSON->Print template could be an interesting piece of functionality. I don’t know how easy it would be to have this work in a universal way though
17:25:40 Von  Laura Daniels  an  Alle:
    hiding results pane would be helpful in other cases as well...
17:26:13 Von  Maura Byrne  an  Alle:
    +1 Laura
17:26:20 Von  Laura Daniels  an  Alle:
    we can hide search & filter already -- could we have a similar interface for other panes?
17:26:21 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
    Reacted to "hiding results pane ..." with 👂🏻
17:26:25 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
    Removed a 👂🏻 reaction from "hiding results pane ..."
17:26:48 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
    Reacted to "hiding results pane ..." with 👍🏻
17:26:57 Von  Laura Daniels  an  Alle:
    technically, it's a collapse, not a hide
17:27:18 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
    Yes, collapse
17:31:03 Von  Maura Byrne  an  Alle:
    Yes.  I agree.
17:32:15 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    I like the potential of flexibility here
17:32:28 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    And we could create some standardised templates of course
17:32:37 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    That come with the app by default
17:33:11 Von  Maura Byrne  an  Alle:
    +1 Owen
17:36:39 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    I think it’s been there a while
17:37:15 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    What browser?
17:41:23 Von  Dung-Lan Chen  an  Alle:
    Chrome I believe.
17:42:44 Von  Maura Byrne  an  Alle:
    That’s what I would expect.
17:43:09 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    Laura - is your print set to portrait or landscape>?
17:43:39 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    I see three panes in print if I choose landscape, but just the view pane if I choose portrait
17:43:48 Von  Kimberly Pamplin  an  Alle:
    Orders has horizontal scrolling
17:46:39 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
    I love that the URL is displayed in the bottom of the printed page/pdf file
17:46:44 Von  Martina Schildt | VZG  an  Alle:
    Reacted to "I love that the URL ..." with 👍
17:46:50 Von  Maura Byrne  an  Alle:
    Reacted to "I love that the URL ..." with 👍
17:46:55 Von  Laura Daniels  an  Alle:
    mine is set to portrait
17:47:30 Von  Zak Burke  an  Alle:
    Including the Url in the print output is handled by the browser; we’re not doing anything special for that.
17:48:47 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    Reacted to "mine is set to portr..." with 👍
17:49:04 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
    Reacted to "Including the Url in..." with 🌸
18:00:00 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
    I’m sorry I need to drop off. This was a really great conversation
18:00:04 Von  Martina Schildt | VZG  an  Alle:
    Reacted to "I’m sorry I need to ..." with 🙏
18:00:16 Von  Laura Daniels  an  Alle:
    I also need to drop off -- thanks so much for this discussion, I'll be sharing with MM
18:00:24 Von  Martina Schildt | VZG  an  Alle:
    Reacted to "I also need to drop ..." with 🙏
18:00:32 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    Just to confirm on my Mac (macOS 13.2.1) with Chrome  111.0.5563.64 when I try Print from Inventory with 3rd pane on Orchid bugfest it works as expected (only the 3rd pane content included in the print)
18:00:52 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    Replying to "Just to confirm on m..."
    That is when in Portrait. In Landscape I get all three panes
18:02:38 Von  Dung-Lan Chen  an  Alle:
    Sorry I need to jump off for another meeting, too!
18:02:49 Von  Kimberly Pamplin  an  Alle:
    Orders also has version history with Orchid
18:03:11 Von  Maura Byrne  an  Alle:
    I need to step away from this meeting.  Thank you for this discussion.
18:04:14 Von  Martina Schildt | VZG  an  Alle:
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18:04:17 Von  Martina Schildt | VZG  an  Alle:
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18:04:32 Von  Kimberly Pamplin  an  Alle:
    Thank you!


Future topics

  • Topic proposal by Owen Stephens for October:
    • Use of shortcut keys and macros for more effective cross-app working  - it also be good to have UX and Stripes/dev knowledge for this discussion I think. I know @Laura (she/they) uses macros so might have insights into the potential for cross-app working
  • UX/UI and implementers topics
    • should be Wednesdays
  • Comprehensive look at where data is copied and stored as opposed to live data | how it is represented
  • Date filters and how they work in different apps
  • Printing (tick)




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