• Convener and notes: Martina Schildt
  • Announcement: Workflows/Camunda development will be discussed in PC meeting on at 9:30 AM ET
  • Next meeting: May 3rd

Discussion items

  1. Date filters and how they work in different apps



  • Orders search tab, filter "Date created" / "Date opened"
  • Can't search for "On or after" and "On or before" independent from the other field, e.g. "From" = 12/01/2022 w/o setting "To" will display an error "Please enter an end date"
  • Question: better to be able to search one field regardless of the other field

See also:

  • Circulation log search tab, filter "Date"
  • Receiving search tab, filters "Received date", "Expected receipt date", "Receipt due"
  • Inventory Instance, Item and Holdings search tabs, filter "Date created", "Date updated"
  • Invoice search tab, "Date created", "Invoice date", "Payment due", "Approval date"
  • Export manager search tab, "Start time", "End time"
  • MARC authority search tab, "Date created", "Date updated"


  • Agreements search tab filters "Start date", "End date", "Cancellation deadline"
  • Can search for "On or after" and "On or before" independent from the other field, e.g. only "On or after" = 12/01/2022

See also:

  • Licenses search tab, filters "Start date" / "End date"
  • Open Access search tab, filter "Request date" 


  • Agreements widget, filter by "Start date", "End date", Cancellation deadline"
    • Can search on date as "is", "is not", "on or after", "on or before"
    • Supports relative date options (Today, X days/weeks/months/years before or after Today)
    • Supports a fixed date as well

See also:

  • Licenses widget


  • There are 3 patterns
    • "from" ... "to"
    • "on or after" ... "on or before"
      • including the option to include records where a specific date is not set
      • this is implemented in ERM apps and can be used solely or additionally to specific dates
      • before implementing this there were options discussed with the users
      • Gill created some mock-ups, the SIG agreed on the current solution
    • options in widgets
  • the group prefers the option used e.g. in agreements which is: Can search for "On or after" and "On or before" independent from the other field, e.g. only "On or after" = 12/01/2022
    • to search for a period, both fields can be filled
    • desirable is the addditional checkbox option to Include records with no xxx date set, e.g. "Include agreements with no end date set"
      • important: add this checkbox only where possible and where it makes sense | that is where the date needs is optional
  • additional requirement: specific and exact day search
    • users may need to search for a specific day e.g. when they made a mistakes on a specific day and they want to search for all relevant records
    • so far searching for specific dates is only possible in Dahsboard widgets
    • would be good to hear thoughts from Gill or Kimie on single dates
    • idea: use a checkbox to select "single date" and then only one date field occurs or needs to be filled
  • further requirement related to all date fields across all apps
    • be able to enter dates without slashes, just the numbers

Next steps: Martina will forward conclusions to POs and raise relevant topics when we next dicsuss UX/UI issues


18:01:35 Von  Martina Schildt | VZG  an  Alle:
    Hello, link to our Agenda: 2023-04-24 Meeting notes: Date filters
18:03:18 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    I’ve just added some more date search examples  to the wiki page - hope that’s ok
18:04:40 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    I think the Orders example and the Inventory example are the same?
18:04:48 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    In terms of how the date filter works I mean
18:09:56 Von  Maura Byrne  an  Alle:
    If you’re searching for “no date,” does that mean “all dates because no date is specified” or “no date specified in the record?”
18:15:27 Von  Laura Daniels (she/they)  an  Alle:
    Agreements solution is nicer, and it would be best to have consistency across FOLIO
18:15:40 Von  Maura Byrne  an  Alle:
    Reacted to "Agreements solution ..." with 👍
18:15:51 Von  Dung-Lan Chen  an  Alle:
    There is also "Date created" in Invoices App that one can search.
18:16:09 Von  Jana Freytag  an  Alle:
    Reacted to "Agreements solution ..." with 👍
18:18:06 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    As far as I know he only place that the ‘exact date’ match is supported explicitly is the Dashboard widget setting
18:18:43 Von  Kristin Martin  an  Alle:
    If you make start date and end date the same, does it just pull out the information on that day?
18:19:26 Von  Dung-Lan Chen  an  Alle:
    Yes, Kristin, in the case searching in Invoices
18:19:33 Von  Jana Freytag  an  Alle:
    Yes for Circ log
18:20:18 Von  Jana Freytag  an  Alle:
    Not sure why it says MS The Messages are from me, Jana :D
18:27:46 Von  Maura Byrne  an  Alle:
    Hard agree, Owen!
18:30:16 Von  Maura Byrne  an  Alle:
    So type “01012023”, and the display is “01/01/2023”?
18:30:22 Von  Kimberly Pamplin  an  Alle:
18:31:33 Von  Jana Freytag  an  Alle:
    never tested it but it's the same in German 24.04.2023 you have to type the dot
18:32:00 Von  Kristin Martin  an  Alle:
    Sorry folks, need to run!
18:32:03 Von  Jana Freytag  an  Alle:
    2023/04/24 didn't work though
18:32:12 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    Reacted to "2023/04/24 didn't wo..." with 👍
18:32:14 Von  Kimberly Pamplin  an  Alle:
    Thank you!
18:32:19 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    Reacted to "never tested it but ..." with 👍
18:36:29 Von  Laura Daniels (she/they)  an  Alle:
    agree, the option to enter a single date once is very appealing
18:40:08 Von  Susanne  an  Alle:
    sorry, have to leave early today…. brilliant discussion!
18:46:24 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    And the ‘single exact date’ option
18:47:06 Von  Kimberly Pamplin  an  Alle:
    Thank you!


Future topics

  • Topic proposal by Owen Stephens for October:
    • Use of shortcut keys and macros for more effective cross-app working  - it also be good to have UX and Stripes/dev knowledge for this discussion I think. I know @Laura (she/they) uses macros so might have insights into the potential for cross-app working
  • UX/UI and implementers topics
    • should be Wednesdays
  • Comprehensive look at where data is copied and stored as opposed to live data | how it is represented
  • Date filters and how they work in different apps




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