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The following is a high-level roadmap for when we expect different types of records to be available in the Bulk Edit app. 

This schedule is likely to change based on the work of related SIGs as well as availability of development resources. If you have a question about the scheduling of a particular release or a particular piece of functionality, please ask in the working group slack channel - #bulk-edits-working-group

Orchid (R1 2023)

  • Bulk edit - architectural improvements (UXPROD-3842)
  • Bulk edit - query tool (UXPROD-3785) - the work will continue through Poppy release as well

Poppy (R2 2023)

Queen Ann's Lace (R3 2023)

  • Instances (in-app)
  • Delete Instances (in-app)
  • Orders (in-app)
  • Finances (in-app)
  • Ledger data (in-app)
  • Cross app queries

Rocket (R1 2024)

  • Scheduling jobs
  • Licenses (in-app)
  • Agreements (in-app)
  • Course reserves (in-app)
  • Custom fields (in-app)
  • Fees-fines (in-app)
  • Patron block (in-app)

Sunflower (R2 2024)

  • SRS Bib records
  • SRS holdings
  • Authorities

  • No labels