Discussion items

Meeting times, communication protocols

Based on this document - discuss recommendations and questions

Would Discuss be a good tool for us?

  • Seems easier to get involved in a discussion
  • Discuss allows for grouping and searching of topics
  • Maybe experiment with it

Meeting times: stagger to accommodate time zones

Limit calls to once a month - Probably too early to consider this now

Have recordings

As FOLIO expands geographically more asynchronous communication would be better

This is becoming an issue for the SIGs also - discussion about whether to talk to the SIGs about this, encouraging them to use Discuss - or does this belong to PC?

We will use this topic as a pilot on Discuss

Review updated list of CC inherited Objectives/InitiativesTeam

Based on our review, we decided that CC will own or take part in driving these initiatives and Objectives

Spreadsheet version:

Potential review/qualification of Organizations that are interested in Joining FOLIO

The FOLIO Officers (Manager/Secretary/Treasurer) are working through the MoU process and tracking mechanisms and a question has come up:

If an organization expresses an interest in joining FOLIO - is there a "vetting" or approval process? Or, can any organization that wants to join (and commit resources) just join?

Q - Why would we say no to any organization?

Boaz - need to be sure goals and strategic interests are addressed

Ian Walls - it's open source, why would there be any vetting?

Harry - the project is interested in expanding both members and functionality

Marko - instead of vetting why don't new members just get introduced to CC? 

Tom - does the process include onboarding steps? Or just signing and filing? - Right now it's just filing


Communications: New PC & TC started last week.  Both elected co-chairs PC - Kristin Martin & Jesse Koennecke; TC - Jeremy Huff & Craig McNally

Onboarding: .

  • EBSCO and Index Data coordinating with others on definitive FOLIO Adopters list(s)
  • Mike and Anya Arnold are taking this on
  • Will make the list findable

Treasurer:  No update


  • Leander: EU OP Sachsen ERDF program is funding. For the next funding period (watch out for announcements), a similar amount of money might be available in the EU countries. Encourage to apply!   - 
  • Tom:  IMLS has released their call for FY22 funding for NLG:
    • What are the right mechanisms for publicizing the grant opportunities?
    • Right now Slack seems to be our main avenue
    • What about coordination so several institutions don't apply separately?
  • Next Steps


New Member Campaign: 

Harry - a new institution interested in FOLIO is asking what membership would do for them?

There also seems to be different interests depending on how much IT support the institution has

In Germany networks have a strong say and the membership model doesn't reflect networks or consortia well.  Are our tiers effective?  Should we do away with the lower tiers?  How can we show the actual benefit to prospective members?  Free seats at WOLFCon isn't very persuasive.

Technology aspects of FOLIO can be a barrier to local IT units.  It's supposed to be language-agnostic but it is Java-based now.  If it were broader could that attract more developers?   Where should this discussion take place? TC?