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WOLFcon is a conference organized by the Open Library Foundation. As one of the projects under the OLF FOLIO will have a presence at each WOLFcon.

Current WOLFcon 2022 plans:

  • Location:  Bucerius Law School in Hamburg. 
    • Catering option
    • Bucerius is very prepared to help with Covid-related issues/testing/etc.
    • Will need to be prepared to address Covid-related questions during registrations
  • Space for 250 people+
  • Dates: 31 August through 2 September 2021
    • Early registration to open January/February 2022
    • Regular Registration April 2022
  • Expect guest to arrive Tuesday 30-August
  • Lunch and morning/afternoon coffee breaks are included in the fees
  • One reception being planned on a Boat (funded by local university) - Wednesday (?)
  • Current space/technology reserved:
    • 10 smaller rooms where Zoom/etc will be available (more rooms could be available as well)
      • 5 x Workshoproom up to 30 guest each room 
      • 3 x Workshoproom up to 18 guest each room 
      • 2 x Workshoproom up to 50 guest each room
    • One large room that can hold over 400 people
  • OLF and FOLIO Outreach groups are available to be on site to help coordinate/manage the event

Calendar DRAFT

Tuesday 30th

Wednesday 31st

Thursday 1st

Friday 2nd

Afternoon “Pre-Conference” Agenda? (Can we find location/ budget?)

9:00am Earliest meeting

9:00am Earliest meeting

9:00am Earliest meeting

LUNCH for all 12:30-13:30

LUNCH for all 12:30-13:30

LUNCH for all 12:30-13:30

Evening meet and greet

Last Session ends at 17:00 

Last Session ends at 17:00


16:00pm Conference Ends

Sample Sessions for Early Registration Packet

WOLFcon will have a presence for the FOLIO project, and the following are examples of the kinds of sessions you can expect. Note that these sessions were pulled as examples from the detailed list suggested by the FOLIO Community. The actual list is still to be determined.

  • Working meetings
    • UI Review and Plans for the future
    • Testing Guidelines and Process
    • Documentation
    • Integration with Discovery Systems
    • Consortia Functionality Planning
    • FOLIO Architectural Blueprint
  • Panel discussions
    • Talking to Vendors
    • Reporting Lessons from Implementers
    • How to host FOLIO
  • General presentations
    • What is FOLIO?
    • Cross OLF Demos
    • Quarterly Community Meeting
    • FOLIO Implementers: Lessons Learned
    • Cool FOLIO Extensions and Customizations
    • How to get started with FOLIO
  • Workshops
    • Introduction to LDP
    • Introduction to jq
    • How to create a FOLIO Module

Ideas/suggestions for meetings

We are in the midst of planning for WOLFcon 2022, tentatively planned to be in Hamburg, Germany 31-August-2022 through 2-September-2022. We are planning for a hybrid conference (both in person and remote participants. Contact Mike Gorrell with questions or comments, or, join the #folio-wolfcon-planning-group slack channel.

Please enter ideas for sessions in the table below. 

Meeting NameDescriptionPotential meeting lengthPrimary Group/SIGSuggest by (your name/group)
Consortia Information + UpdateConsortia informational session (SIG, Single Tenant / Multi tenant)60 minConsortiaNoah Brubaker, Consortia SIG
Consortia MeetingNeeds / Features Discussion60 minConsortiaNoah Brubaker, Consortia SIG
Introduction: So you want to be a Product Owner (or someone else thinks you should be a Product Owner)Help describe the responsibilities of the Product Owner to encourage individuals to volunteer for these positions30-60 minProduct Council/Community CouncilProduct Council
Roadmap OverviewWhat's been done in FOLIO, what's coming up, successes, areas for growth, opportunities for discussion for how institutions and individuals can impact the road map60 minProduct CouncilProduct Council
Workflow: state of system and where can we go from here

We have developed some functionality, e.g., Dashboard, but where do we go from here? Discussion topic to consider how to support workflows

What are the problems with the existing system and how could FOLIO address them or what solutions have libraries discovered to manage their workflows?

Could be two meetings

60 min (each?)Product Council/App InteractionProduct Council
UI Review and Growth

UI retrospective: is what's been built good? Does it suit people's needs?

Could libraries that have already conducted UI research be able to share their results?

Could be two meetings or more (UI track) - could share information and then follow up with a retrospective

60 minProduct Council/UI POProduct Council
Talking to VendorsHow should we talk to vendors to get them engaged with FOLIO? Convince them to integrate with FOLIO and show them the advantage of working with libraries with FOLIO60 minProduct CouncilProduct Council
Testing FOLIO functionalityHow do libraries test the system to approve it for release/upgrade? How can we incorporate that type of testing into BugFest to make it more useful? Right now, BugFest tests the functionality but not necessarily the process being used day-to-day.60 minProduct CouncilProduct Council
Cross OLF demos and information

This could be a whole track including:






Product CouncilProduct Council
A day in the life of a FOLIO POWhat is a PO? What do they do?  What are the skills they need and build?  This could be a PO recruiting opportunity.30-60 minPOs/Product CouncilProduct Council
Managing Orphaned Apps working meeting

Review of FOLIO apps and which are lacking support and are "orphaned." How can we find support for these apps?

60 minProduct Council/POsProduct Council
Documentation needsDocumenting beyond basic app workflows
using wiki vs.
sharing documentation and practice guides between implementers
60minSMEs/POs/all?Erin Nettifee 
RA SIG joint PO SMEs discussion
RA Implementers

Lessons learned? Show and tell? What should the project have done differently?

Integration with discovery systemsAPIs, User integration, What is needed, what is working60MinSMEs/POsRA SIG
Integrations into FOLIOmaintenance of integrations from outside, sharing integrations in community, orphaned integrations 60MinSMEs/POsall?

Hacking FOLIO

eg. using the existing APIs to fill functional gaps via locally and community-developed scripts, services, and web-applications60MinSMEs/POsRA SIG

How do Permissions work? General information on that, since there is a lot of confusion still. Training session?
also: Name standardization

Training track?

should there be a training track for several topics?

e.g.: Permissions

FOLIO architectural blueprintBuild on earlier work on defining and documenting the long-term architectural blueprint of the system120minTechnical Council, SysOps SIG, tech leads / dev leadsTechnical Council
Addressing FOLIO technical debtStrategize on reducing current technical debt levels and preventing new debt to the extent possible120minTechnical Council, SysOps SIG, tech leads / dev leadsTechnical Council
Operational needsOperational consistent documentation, an approach to a simpler core release installation, proposal of a simplified FOLIO bootstrap process120minTechnical Council, SMEs, SysOpsSys Ops SIG
Workflow sessions

Libraries walk through workflows from beginning to end, e.g. Purchase a resource for a patron (incl. Orders, Receiving, Requests, Invoices, Check-in, Check-out, Inventory)

Incl. gap analysis

60 min

several slots


implementing institutions

App Interaction

App Interaction SIG
Working meetingWorking meeting on outstanding topics (topic TBD closer to the conference)

60 min

several slots

App InteractionApp Interaction SIG
AI/Community meetingAI presents on current status of outstanding topics that AI or subgroups are discussing and gathers community topics 

90 min.

App Interaction, ALLApp Interaction SIG
Privacy SIGThe Privacy SIG will engage SIGs and developers on the cross-cutting needs for privacy in the FOLIO apps and include a description of how the Privacy SIG members can consult with groups.30 min.AllPrivacy SIG
ERM meeting

ERM working meeting with topics yet to be determined

2 x 60 minERMERM SIG
Introduction to Library Data Platform and FOLIO Analytics for ReportingOverview of interconnected open source reporting systems (LDP software, FOLIO Analytics query repository, LDP app, Metadb software, LDLite software), including description of functionality and options for hosting. Demonstration of querying an LDP using SQL queries from FOLIO Analytics or using LDP app.90 minInstitutions with LDP implementations, institutions considering implementing LDPReporting SIG
API-based reporting for FOLIODemonstrations of workflows and/or open source software solutions for extracting FOLIO data via APIs. Example software includes LDLite, a python-based application that extracts and transforms FOLIO data via API and loads it into either a local or networked database. Would ideally include tips and tricks for using APIs, including idiosyncrasies of the different APIs.60 minAllReporting SIG, others with API-based tools
Reporting lessons from FOLIO implementersPanel session from FOLIO implementing institutions. How did they implement reporting (e.g., what software solutions, what hosting solutions)? What went well? What should others look out for?60 minAllReporting SIG
Introduction to the migration_tools toolkitHands-on demo and introduction to the EBSCO IC toolkit for data migrations into FOLIO. 120 minData migration Subgroup
Introduction to jqHands-on demo using jq to parse, manipulate, and extract JSON data60 minAll
Data migration Lessons learned Libraries that have gone live share their experiences wrt data migration.60 min All

Theodor Tolstoy /Data migration subgroup

Migration tools showcaseLightning talks/ presentations of the available tools that have been developed by libraries and vendors in order to move legacy data into FOLIO60 minAllTheodor Tolstoy  / Data migration subgroup
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