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WOLFcon is a conference organized by the Open Library Foundation. As one of the projects under the OLF FOLIO will have a presence at each WOLFcon.

Current WOLFcon 2022 plans:

  • Location:  Bucerius Law School in Hamburg. 
    • Catering option
    • Bucerius is very prepared to help with Covid-related issues/testing/etc.
    • Will need to be prepared to address Covid-related questions during registrations
  • Space for 250 people+
  • Dates: 31 August through 2 September 2021
    • Early registration to open January/February 2022
    • Regular Registration April 2022
  • Expect guest to arrive Tuesday 30-August
  • Lunch and morning/afternoon coffee breaks are included in the fees
  • One reception being planned on a ship (funded by Hamburg State- and University Library) - Thursday
  • Current space/technology reserved:
    • 10 smaller rooms where Zoom/etc will be available (more rooms could be available as well)
      • 5 x Workshoproom up to 30 guest each room 
      • 3 x Workshoproom up to 18 guest each room 
      • 2 x Workshoproom up to 50 guest each room
    • One large room that can hold over 400 people
  • OLF and FOLIO Outreach groups are available to be on site to help coordinate/manage the event

Submit ideas for Sessions here - JUNE 6, 2022 is the Deadline for new submissions.

Currently Planned Sessions:

Session NameSession Planner
Talking to VendorsMike Gorrell
Reporting Lessons from ImplementersAngela Zoss
Quarterly Community MeetingMike Gorrell
FOLIO Implementers: Lessons LearnedSharon Wiles-Young
UI Review and Plans for the futureNone yet
How We Host FOLIO (Hosting providers and Self-hosting sites)Mike Gorrell
What is FOLIO?Mike Gorrell
Cool FOLIO Extensions and CustomizationsIan Walls
How to get started with FOLIOAxel Doerrer
How to create a FOLIO ModuleCharlotte Whitt
Integration with Discovery, ILL and other external systems (coordinate with FOLIO and Discovery meeting)Jana Freytag (Convener)
FOLIO Architectural BlueprintTod Olson, Vince Bareau
DocumentationErin Nettifee
Ian Walls
Consortia Functionality PlanningNoah Brubaker
Martina Tumulla
Darsi Rueda
Consortia informational sessionNoah Brubaker
Martina Tumulla
Darsi Rueda
Introduction to jqKyle Banarjee
Acquisitions in FOLIODung-Lan Chen
Circulation in FOLIOJana Freytag (Convener)
ERM in FOLIOMartina Schildt (Convener)
Martina Tumulla (Convener)
Implementers meeting - longer term viewMartina Schildt (Convener)
Martina Tumulla (Convener)
Data Integration in FOLIONone yet
Prioritization ProcessMartina Schildt (Convener)
FOLIO RoadmapJesse Koennecke
A day in the life of a library running FOLIOPatty Wanninger
App Interaction - slot for possible spontaneous meetingMartina Schildt (Convener)
Scope Criteria (Core FOLIO vs Apps)Kristin Martin
Intra-Council Meeting Current Issues and DecisionsMike Gorrell
Cross Project (FOLIO + GOKb)Kirstin Kemner-Heek
Cross Project (ReShare + FOLIO) Opportunities for synergySebastian Hammer
Workflow - State of the system and where do we go from hereSebastian Hammer
Addressing FOLIO technical debtJakub Skoczen
Operational NeedsIngolf Kuss
RA SIG Working MeetingsJana Freytag
Integrating EBSCO products and services into FOLIOHarry Kaplanian
Cross Council Meeting - Project RetrospectiveMike Gorrell
Cross-app workflow sessions (inkl. gap analysis)Martina Schildt
FOLIO integration with CBS union catalogsFelix Hemme
Leveraging FOLIO ERM with GOKb dataFelix Hemme?
Internal Community Council MeetingMike Gorrell

Inventory data migration crash course - coordinate with Darsi's "Data Migration Workshop"

Theo Tolstoy
Cross-app workflow session - focus on pain points related to record interactionsMartina Schildt (Convener)
FOLIO and Discovery (Coordinate with other integration meeting)Laura Daniels
Running the FOLIO Platform - best practices, challenges and lessonsDennis Benndorf
Implementers view on circ rulesThomas Trutt / Jana Freytag
PO work or recruiting new POsCharlotte Whitt /Jesse Koennecke
CDL update (joint ReShare/FOLIO Session)Sebastian Hammer
Entity Management + Authority ControlJason Kovari / Christie Thomas
FOLIO Workflow Automation with AirflowJeremy Nelson
FOLIO Performance Testing RequirementsAnton Emelianov
FOLIO BugFest Test Data ManagementAnton Emelianov
Folio Pre-Production Deployment Acceptance TestingAnton Emelianov

FOLIO modularity in practice: seamless deployment of modules from multiple sources

Mike Taylor

Share-VDE and FOLIO cooperation: a challenge to introduce linked open data into the wider FOLIO perspectives

Tiziana Possemato
FOLIO Data Migration: Lessons LearnedDarsi Rueda

FOLIO Data Migration Workshop - coordinate with Theo's "inventory migration crash course"

Darsi Rueda
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