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Slack Channel:  early-implementers (hope to rename to folio-implementers)


New to group?  Follow these on-boarding steps


Primary institution members*

NameRole in GroupAffiliationSkill Set
Starting group up but not staying...OLE/Cornell University
Primary Institution Member*Five Colleges
Kelly DrakePrimary Institution Member*Fenway Libraries Online (FLO)
Primary Institution Member*GBV
Primary Institution Member*Cornell University

Chulin Meng

Primary Institution Member*Lehigh University
Primary Institution Member*Duke University
Primary Institution Member*Chicago University
Primary Institution Member*hbz
Primary Institution Member*Texas A&M

*each institution has selected one Primary Institution Member whose schedule must be accommodated when scheduling the meeting time.  If an institution joins the group after it has been formed, it may not be possible to accommodate the selected Primary Institution Member.  Everyone is welcome, but unfortunately the meeting time may not work for all.

Other group members

NameRole in GroupAffiliationSkill Set

Space contributors


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