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Beth German


Chris Manly


Deb Lamb

Holly Mistlebauer

Jesse Koennecke


Paula Sullenger


Sharon Wiles-Young


Tod OlsonX

Agenda & Notes

TimePresenterItemNotesAction Items
10 min.ChrisIntroductions and Announcements

30 min.ChrisFollow-up/reflections from WOLFcon
  • Discuss Product Council decision that this group should do gap analysis?
    • Which group does the gap analysis, this one, or the larger FOLIO Early Implementers?  We think the larger.  SIG will also influence.  Framework and process to come.Will be important to understand the roles of each group.
    • What is our purpose compared to other similar groups - We are OLE partners.A group of similar institutions with many parallels that can divide and conquer issues.
    • Considerations of timeline and stages implementations:
      • I.e. Could we go with just ERM?
      • Likely to need acquisitions and cataloging functionality simultaneously, perhaps other functions tied together as well.
      • Concerns about non-FY tied implementation, but not a unanimous concern.
      • Timelines for Go/No Go decisions? Varies, dependent on the various V1 release successes and projections
    • Coordination and Commiseration as a role for this group.
    • What can we expect to gain from larger group? -
  • What else came out of WOLFcon that impacts/concerns us?

15 min.ChrisWhat's next?
  • Data cleanup?
    • TAMU and Cornell both on Voyager
    • Establish some best data practices
    • Legacy practices and how to move ahead.  Some of us are still doing things that we did in NOTIS.  Any advice from OLE implementers?
    • Can we show leadership on some of these concepts of letting go of certain practices/assumptions?
  • Stand up an instance of FOLIO? - is there a benefit of a single shared instance for this group?  Each have our own?  Both?
    • Can we keep it (or multiple instances) up to date with betas
    • How do we approach coordinating error reporting, troubleshooting?
    • Perhaps OLE could implement a reporting sandbox instance? 
  • Start gap analysis?
    • This is getting underway - some people are moving ahead prior to framework.

5 min.ChrisAnything else before we go?

Frequency to meet? - Monthly, with possible others as situations warrant.  Monthly for now, Thursdays 1:00 Eastern, noon Central

Agenda items for next meeting: 

  • How do we structure our implementation teams
  • List of subject areas for best practices

Chris will set up next few meetings

Beth will reach out to EBSCO project managers for useful information


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