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TimeTopicLead ByNotesAction Items
:00Brief IntroductionsHolly

:10About the GroupHolly

Key concepts:

  • This is an open group–anyone can join.
  • We should allow any sub-groups to be formed–no judgement.
  • Important that we not duplicate efforts of other groups.

:20Liaising with Sys Ops & Mgt SIG (and its Data Migration Sub-group)Holly
  • Debra, Tod and Steven already attend Sys Ops & Mgt SIG meetings.  Is one of them be willing to be official liaison?
  • Does anyone in this group participate in the Data Migration Sub-group?  If not, we can recruit someone after we open the meetings up.
  • We need to have further discussions with both groups to discuss potential opportunities to work together.
  • Tod attends both Sys Ops & Mgt SIG and Data Migration Sub-group meetings so he will start as liaison.  Steven will back him up.
:40Leadership of GroupHolly
  • Holly won't be a member of this group.
  • Someone needs to be the convener. 
  • Responsibilities include:
    • Putting together the meeting agenda.
    • Leading the meetings.
    • Sending out notes.
    • Reporting the weekly status (could delegate this to someone else).
  • Karen Newbery has volunteered to be convener.
:50FOLIO Working MeetingHolly

Need to decide...

  • Should group meet in D,C. June 17-19?
  • If so, what will group discuss? (Original plan documented here.)
  • Many of the implementers will be attending for other meetings.
  • Debra, Karen, and others don't have other meetings so would have to come just for that.
  • Could have face-2-face on Wednesday (morning preferred) for those there and have Zoom for others.
  • Chalmers and GBV are sending people to D.C.
  • Discuss more at next meeting.
:55First Open MeetingHolly
  • Ready for April 9 to be the first open meeting?
  • Agenda started here.
  • Yes!
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