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TimeTopicLead ByNotesAction Items
  • Brief introductions.
  • If you miss a meeting, the recordings are available here.
  • Our liaison to the Sys Ops & Mgt SIG and Data Migration Sub-group is Tod.


:10About the GroupKaren

Key concepts:

  • This is an open group–anyone can join.
  • We should allow any sub-groups to be formed–no judgement.
  • Important that we not duplicate efforts of other groups.

What is the purpose of the group?

  • In general the consensus was the the group should have a higher-level, coordination role
  • It's an opportunity to step back from any one domain and look at things broadly
  • There's also a desire to build community and identify people who can be resources for implementation
  • This group can help facilitate that by providing a venue to ask questions and identifying the right people to answer them
  • People should be encouraged to share questions and challenges from the gap analysis and their own implementation activities

:20FOLIO Working MeetingKaren

Should we plan a meeting Wednesday morning for face to face/Zoom? June 19

  • Yes, we will have the majority of group members in attendance, so we will plan to meet.

Some possible goals/topics for the meeting include:

  • A round robin of updates from each implementer
  • Sharing experiences with installation, testing, mapping, etc.
  • Sharing experiences related to data clean up
  • Brainstorming ideas for areas that the group can help support
  • Identifying tools, documentation, or procedures we can develop
  • Identifying tools that can be reused across institutions
  • Following up on the feature prioritization/gap analysis
  • Setting up a pipeline from the SIGs to the Implementation Group

:40What should we tackle first?Karen

How is the Feature Prioritization/Gap Analysis for 2019 work being done at your library?

  • Most people have one or more groups meeting regularly to discuss issues
  • Alabama, Chalmers, and 5 Colleges met in person with EBSCO to talk through the features and are pretty close to done
  • FLO had a kick-off meeting with Index Data to review requirements and are now working through the spreadsheet
  • Duke has hired three analysts who are currently working on a review

There was a desire for this group to be involved in reviewing the results of the gap analysis and to put together a holistic view of our priorities as a community.

Anya shared that the EBSCO implementers are entering their feature rankings directly into JIRA and have a dashboard to monitor new features coming in:

Chalmers dashboard
U of A dashboard
FC dashboard


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