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Of Interest

Discussion items

5 minHousekeeping
10 minMember Updates
Time for Implementers to share where they are in the process
30 min Folio Working Meeting

 What do we want to get out of the face-to-face (+Zoom) meeting?

FOLIO working meeting 2019 planning document

Notes from last week:

Some possible goals/topics for the meeting include:

  • A round robin of updates from each implementer
  • Sharing experiences with installation, testing, mapping, etc.
  • Sharing experiences related to data clean up
  • Brainstorming ideas for areas that the group can help support
  • Identifying tools, documentation, or procedures we can develop
  • Identifying tools that can be reused across institutions
  • Following up on the feature prioritization/gap analysis
  • Setting up a pipeline from the SIGs to the Implementation Group

Agenda items for FOLIO Working Meeting:

  • How we use the tools we mention below
  • Lessons learned from institutions who have migrated recently
    • E.g. how much historical information do we need in different areas, such as historical cost information or circulation history
      • In some (many?) cases could park historical data in a reference database, will refer to less and less as time goes on
    • Data cleanup, are there common themes? Things we wish we had cleaned up?
    • How do we document what we are doing for future people looking back trying to understand what we did?
  • What is different for a FOLIO open source implementation vs a vendor created and maintained ILS

  • Documentation/ training audit - going forward for FOLIO, going backwards into what has been done in the current systems
  • Follow up on outcome of Gap Analysis
  • Merging data from different systems during migration
  • Change management
    • changing workflow, questioning current processes and helping people be comfortable with the change
    • How many current processes are really workarounds
    • manage process to change item types, loan policies
  • This group is uniquely situated to have the holistic view of the implementation. Not much communication between the SIGs, this group may need to be the glue between them. How do we organize
    • Does the app-interaction group do this? They are more at the level of features and necessarly app interactions and limited to RM, MM, purchasing, not the higher-level coordination
    • There is a role for an implementer's sandbox where we can work collaboratively, agree on common parameters, test in a coordinated way and report issues in common. So we're not always reporting problems separately.
    • This would be the holistic workflow testing group (or coordinating group)
    • Build community of staff across institutions for testing and share experience.
15 minTools for Project Management

Share what tools your institution is using

  • Issue tracking software
  • Testing suite
  • Project management software
  • Internal Communication (newsletters, sharing of documents and which documents are shared broadly)
  • How your institution handles Project Management (PM Office? Specific PM leaders? How are decisions made?)

Action items

  • Sub group to make official sessions to get it to Jesse to schedule - which SMEs might be interested as well Karen Newbery
  • Sub committee develops basic parameters for a tester's sandbox - find 1 mil records, populate, would need to be upgraded as new releases come out.
  • Karen Newbery add tools for Project Management sections to Implementers' pages


Proposed Sessions at Working Meeting

TitleDescriptionExpected Attendees
Implementers supportDiscussionLessons learned from schools who did migrations recentlyHow much historical information do we need in different areas (cost/circ history). What goes in a reference database vs what is imported to FOLIO. Data cleanup, are there common themes? Things we wish we had cleaned up? Documenting for future staff to know why decisions were made during implementationImplementers
Implementers supportDiscussionDiscuss how Implementers Group could gain holistic view of FOLIO. Cross-app, in-app, workflows
Implementers supportDiscussionImplementers Sandbox - place to create, test, share workflows between institutions
Implementers supportDiscussionChange Managementchanging workflow, questioning current processes and helping people be comfortable with the change. How many current processes are really workarounds, manage process to change item types, loan policiesImplementers
Implementers supportDiscussionFeature Prioritization/Gap Analysis Review
Implementers supportDiscussionSupporting FOLIO vs. a Vended ILS