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Discussion items

Discussion of project management tools used
  • Still a to-do on Karen's list

Discussion of proposed sessions for Working Meeting

Put Karen as convener for Implementer sessions

Jesse will send link to web form to input sessions below

Reporting SIG may not be attending working meeting/having sessions.

By Thursday or Friday - estimate of how many developers and/or folks from Europe will be needed for travel arrangements.

FOLIO help app - do we need to push ranking of this so that there's somewhere we can contribute documentation for implementers?

Discussion in Product Council and Technical Council, make sure it's done right, create templates for conformity

User manual different than technical documentation

Harry K. will have a recommendation ready in a few weeks to hire someone.

Implementation documentation should be in same site as end-user documentation. Both kinds of documentation should be linked so the effects of a customization could be researched on the technical side and vice versa.

Have to figure out what is a sustainable approach.

With FOLIO being so customizable, it may be difficult to have shared documentation. Though having basic documentation may be something we can do.

A basic branch in GitHub from which individual institutions could branch off for their custom documentation? If there's something that changes at the core, it would be easy to bring that into your custom documentation.

Consider consequences for different approaches.

Document basics of area, include user stories at the end to show how to customize.

Important to have robust community space to share their customizations and results. Main communication channels we have are Slack and Discuss. Good for quick conversations that won't necessarily persist.  Documents need to be permanent, searchable.

We do have this Confluence site as a wiki.

TA&M making wiki pages - especially with SysOps documentation.

FOLIO currently a development - community needs to own minimum requirements, documentation as we shift to implementation assistance.

We'll need to be flexible as we create the documentation - will need to consider changing as we go.

Proposed Sessions at Working Meeting

Implementers supportDiscussionLessons learned from schools who did migrations recentlyHow much historical information do we need in different areas (cost/circ history). What goes in a reference database vs what is imported to FOLIO. Data cleanup, are there common themes? Things we wish we had cleaned up? Documenting for future staff to know why decisions were made during implementationImplementers
Implementers supportDiscussionGaining a holistic view of FOLIOThe Implementation Group is uniquely poised to gain a holistic view of FOLIO. We'll discuss how we can all contribute to that view with documentation, training resources, testing, etc.Implementers
Implementers supportDiscussionImplementers Sandbox - place to create, test, share workflows between institutionsWith an Implementers' Sandbox, we can build on our holistic view. Discuss what kinds of actions and results we could achieve with an Implementers' Sandbox.Implementers
Implementers supportDiscussionChange Managementchanging workflow, questioning current processes and helping people be comfortable with the change. How many current processes are really workarounds, manage process to change item types, loan policiesImplementers
Implementers supportDiscussionFeature Prioritization/Gap Analysis ReviewDo we have a clear view of what's next for implementers next year? What are the next steps?ImplementersProduct Council already scheduling a presentation early in schedule. Later, PC and TC having a more in-depth conversation. Combine Implementers with PC and TC for the later discussion.
Implementers supportDiscussionSupporting FOLIO vs. a Vended ILS

Documentation - blue sky ideas for good way to consider how we do documentation

Action items