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General updatesAll
  • New member: Miklos Lendvay, National Library of Hungary; they will be implementing FOLIO next year.
  • Karen has submitted proposed sessions for the F2F meeting

Forum for practical implementation questionsSiska Humlesjö
  • Siska asked what the best place will be to address practical implementation questions
  • Her experience has been that it's difficult to coordinate with all the SIGs on these types of questions – a central forum would be more efficient.
  • The group agreed that this group could be a forum for some of these types of questions, though there's some feeling that we might skew a little more high-level.
  • Broader, more philosophical questions might be a better fit for the group calls.
  • We should think about documentation and how to start documenting questions that get answered so they don't get lost in Slack.
  • We would like to have an FAQ page for each major topic area where we could document questions and answers addressed by this group.
  • There is already a page that might be a starting point: Information and User Guides for FOLIO Apps
  • We could use Discuss to ask questions and hash to answers, then transfer the answers to the wiki page.
  • We can firm up this discussion over the next few weeks and decide how to move forward.

Title-level vs. item-level holds
  • From Siska: We have title level holds now and are a bit worried how it will work after migrating when only being able to have item level holds. What are your plans for holds/recalls after migration? I am especially interested in title on high demand.
  • There is a worry that the queuing for high-demand titles won't be fair because availability will be based on which item the person happened to place the hold on.
  • This is a true go-live requirement for Chalmers.
  • Title-level holds are scheduled for Q2:  UXPROD-1061 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • It's unclear whether the issue as described meets all of Chalmers' needs.

Voyager subgroup?Jenn Colt
  • From Jenn: I was hoping to see if the group was okay with hanging a Voyager working group off the group's wiki page (Jesse emailed about this). If it doesn't seem overly controversial, I can go ahead and start the page and we could discuss more another week.
  • We're agreed that it's useful to have wiki pages and Slack channels for different migration paths, regardless of whether the groups actively meet as subgroups.
  • We might want them to bring some ideas to the main group – e.g., for processes that a particular system encourages, but could be useful across the board.
  • Karen Newbery will add a top level wiki page where we can hang a page for each system.

Multi-tenant environmentMiklos Lendvay
  • Hungary would like to have a multi-tenant environment where each tenant has its choice of modules.
  • Is there any information about how multi-tenancy will work in FOLIO and whether this can be done?
  • The Consortia SIG meets Wednesdays at 9 a.m. Eastern time:
  • That group has had a lot of discussions about multi-tenancy and how it might work
  • FLO is also interested in a multi-tenant implementation. They are planning to implement in separate tenants and work on cross-tenant functionality later.
  • Hungary has needs for complex functionality, even with apps – e.g., allowing scientists to edit inventory records.
  • How can they modify existing apps while still making sure things work together?

Action items