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Discussion items

Follow-up Title level requests
Will be an RA sig to design title-level requests. In the meantime, reporting will look at ways to get data. In Q2, will be able to move requests from one item to another

Sub-group to work on implementer sandbox?

Patty has tried to get a persistent instance. Would need to get someone to take care of it/be responsible for it. Would need to belong to the community. Will take some work. Responsible party may need to refresh the system.

Would be a good idea to have clinics to look at the data/workflow/settings for a specific task.

There is a Jira for a temporary instance: FOLIO-896 - Getting issue details... STATUS that would be torn down at a designated time. Build pipeline the developers are working toward means less mediated work to spin up an instance.

Concern about a community system, you'd get root rights or an admin user which could cause unforeseen issues and changes, especially if they're shared credentials.

Training - would want snapshot of actual system.

Maybe this is more of an outreach idea? And this group is more focused on bringing up our local instances.

Documentation Proposal

We as implementers really want documentation when we go live. Kelly Drake mentioned that our group thought the platform was important. Formal documentation would need its own space. PC needs to determine the budget and tools. Should be a go-live 2020 requirement.

Could scan the Implementers to see what they're using for documentation for other projects. Confluence doesn't do multi-lingual very well.

ArchivesSpace, Vivo, Hydra, Kuali, Evergreen, Islandora, may be good to start with.

Want to be sure that the Implementers Group is not duplicating work. Kelly will take back to PC.

Action items