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Discussion items

Chalmers VisitAnn-Marie Breaux (PO data import, tags, also works with Acq)
  • Debut of FOLIO to staff
  • Cate Boerma, Harry Kaplanian, Kalilah Gambrel, Ann-Marie were there
  • Going live without cataloging, don't need MarcCat, don't need MARC source records. Use central Swedish cataloging
  • Don't need invoices/funds because they use central university financial system for that.
  • Use Circ, requests.
  • Worked on Circ, orders, receiving, cataloging, discovery, e-holdings, packages, licenses. Filmed staff doing things in FOLIO and training each other.
  • Have Self-Check and RFID reader that worked.
  • POs went over most efficient ways to do things in the apps. Didn't have written documentation, done over WebEx. For orders, created order in FOLIO which may not be most efficient. Need to get that WebEx recording shared.
  • Answered UX/UI questions that had been submitted
  • Worked on title-level requests and interim steps to get title-level requests
  • Hackathon to work on connectors needed. Magic button" plugin for their browser to start in Libris (Swedish catalog) to import record. Won't have e_records in inventory. Will only place orders for physical materials.
  • Inventory is lightweight for them - bringing in enough info to identify versions and to circulate. Won't distinguish formats - all print.
  • Went really well!
  • Ann-Marie came home with lots of information to turn into Jiras. Lots of feedback on UI stuff. Need more distinction, bigger font, when looking at a record, it needs to take over the screen instead of being limited to the third pane. Performance was an issue
  • When more than 10K records in inventory, shows 99 million plus records! - bug has been reported.
  • Need searching/filtering in Orders. Internationalization and Alphabetization cleaned up.
  • Need to see more circulation info on items.
  • Videos will be edited and shared.
  • Localization of strings? Special characters in Swedish alphabet that come after "z". Need to get them in the proper place. Can't combine author/title searches. May change "check in" and "check out" to "loan" and "return" instead. Also preferred "clear screen" to "end session" (sounded like logging out)

Will be setting up a bib/title-level requests sub group.

5Colleges have talked about ranking locations.

Is there a list of what Chalmers is using? Using everything that exists no - won't be using anything related to money (fines/fees/funds) and won't use MARCCat.

Tech Council page on documentationKelly Drake

Documentation Platform/Tools Review

Kelly collected other documentation and added it to the above page. Also added what the Implementation SIG had discussed about needing as we consider documentation

List of decisions from all SIGs about direction, vision could be linked from this page as well. Include date of decision/discussion.

Found study that was done a year ago - another group analyzed the development of FOLIO, pointed to lack of documentation - OTS Prjoect Health Report

5Colleges all-staff meetingSteve Bischoff

Short presentations, way to talk about things going on between schools (reference, schol comm). Will talk about discovery/EDS to talk about direction. Doing a FOLIO tour in a computer lab for people to see/get hands on. Will try to have 5Colleges data/loan rules so staff can work with their own data. Steve and Theo (Chalmers) have written JSON scripts to put data in. Not good for replication right now. Check aleph-folio2aleph Slack channel.

Chicago's scripts have thoughts about how to normalize data. There is a spreadsheet to input data and have it script (Anya working on for 5Colleges). Anya will share.

A library in Florence, Italy is going implement this fall with FOLIO, working with AtCult. So far hasn't been involved with FOLIO SIGs, prioritizing, etc.. Each City-State has a national library. The largest one in Florence is . Only starting with Circ.

Future Agenda Items

Go ahead and start with topics that are on the agenda for June Meeting

How implementation teams are set up and the methods used, communication styles

Test Rails/Jira/Testing/Requirements

Gap Analysis locally, how do we keep track of the things we need to go-live and make sure they work/are ready for go-live

How to determine what is ranked go-live/1st quarter/1 year - if it's something your current system does and it's used daily, then it's go -live. If it's something Aleph does, but used every day, that gets delayed...etc.

Work on spreadsheets sent out by Holly of issues that were added and not prioritized yet.

POs always happy to reply to Jira to clarify issues.

Action items

  • Anya Arnold will share clean version of the spreadsheet on Slack