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Discussion items

  • Karen out next week - need someone to convene meeting - Patty Wanninger volunteered.

Capacity Plan results - what are people planning to do?

GBV - will meet to discuss where their institutions differ from others in the gap analysis

Cornell - Looking at the number of items that won't be available at go-live

Duke - may run in parallel, hoping SIGs/POs can make Jira issues clearer. Looking at what a phased approach would be. Will look at Leipzig's rankings for ERM vs. Full implementation.

Alabama - will look at outcome, discuss possibilities, continues to be concerned with being this far in the process and one of our major communication tools is not up-to-date. PO/SIGs keeping the Jira tickets up to date - synchronization - would it have to be two-way, or is one way enough?

Chicago - still digesting results - implementation schedules are bound to fiscal year transitions. Trying to think about what it would be like to do a migration not at a fiscal year boundary. At what times of year, could the migration happen if not at fiscal year start? In theory, they could migrate in August...maybe over winter break, which would give another quarter or two of development. What would a phased implementation be? What are the integration costs?

Clarification on Jira issues being "not up-to-date" -  There are conversations in the SIGs that are not being reflected in the tickets. Questions posed, not answered, or the SIG moving in a different direction and not noting it. Some projects not as well tracked in Jira ie: MarcCat. Need to have summary information instead of getting into the weeds - where can people go to find those summaries or decisions?

How do you find in a sprint what's been worked on? What's new in the release? Quarter dashboards in Jira are useful. Q2 dashboard:

If one has questions, ask the product owner. There is a release notes page: Release Notes Summary, also a table that has links to UXPROD tickets that have been done that quarter.

How do we find out if a direction of a feature has changed without looking multiple places and analyzing it ourselves? How do we reevaluate what we said we need for go-live if we don't understand tickets?

Does something other than the review of the SIGs need to happen? Maybe presentations to this group from the POs on these at-risk items. Chalmers has had lots of conversations with the POs when there are things they don't understand. Looking at the list of things in 2020 that won't be done by summer implementations. RA, RM, ERM, Fines/Fees, Inventory. One place to start, issues we don't understand. General Demos of what's been done and what's coming up in the next sprint. Is anyone changing the items they've ranked as go-live to the wait options? Chalmers has.

Chicago - Is there a difference in thinking between going live with OLE to going live with FOLIO? Will be looking at how much risk they're willing to take. A big difference is the QA aspect, tracking performance, bug fixes. Will have to see what a real FOLIO is like with their real data.

Will be some questions for the project  - how many libraries at what scale do we want to move forward at a time? What architectural changes will need to be made to accommodate scale? Could do cooperative testing at scale to find things before next year (bug fest).

Two kinds of testing -

1) automated regression testing at functional level - find edge cases using curated data. At minimum manual regression testing - can we edit a bib with 1K items?

2) scale and performance - how does the system behave when taxed?

Would be worth coordinating with Anton (QA).

GBV - ERM first with 2 libraries. Will implement more of FOLIO step by step. Will use their Union catalog in addition to FOLIO which affected rankings.

Action items

Next week's topic - review agenda for Face 2 Face, talk about which meetings to use Zoom.