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Discussion items

Being deliberate about cross training at our local libraries between (pollinate knowledge)

The Implementers Group (FIG) is expecting this session would be a discussion to help guide how the FIG becomes the cross-module experts

Are the SIG conveners those who should be communicating with each other when

Is it a function of the FIG to share when one institution has created a cool migration tool to share with the other FIG members and broaden the knowledge?

Cornell: has implementation team - looking at gaps that FOLIO can't fill and what they're going to do about that. ie: item states.

As we get closer to implementation to reach out to different SIGs or through the FIG to get answers?

RM - App interaction Group - meets on weekly basis with topical discussions.

How will you do the work that needs to be done based on what the system offers right now - topic

Testing has brought out gaps, Chalmers recommends doing that as much as possible.

Are there other ways of achieving the functionality marked as needed for go-live? What workarounds are needed - share info in FIG

Implementers = Beta Testers

How does the FIG communicate with POs and SMEs to learn? App interaction tag in Jira?

POs do demos to show how the apps in their areas integrate with others?

Implementers need to add on "how we're going to use it".

Implementers make an attempt to document how we plan to use the apps and the integrations.

Schedule a time for each SIG and the FIG to go over workflows and documentation that exists - Starting in Sept or so.

What's needed in migration/installation/implementation documentation?

Technical requirements to implement FOLIO - how many ports/size of VM/type of printers/SSO. Then prepare documentation on library's vision on implementing FOLIO (general info about library - # bib records, # users, historical information). Questionnaire like the vendors have used to get vended system implementations started?  We don't have anyone who can answer the questions on how to implement the answers to those questionnaires.

Could we create a group of implementation consultants to work with institutions and the questionnaires?

Migration can show what's currently being supported (and what might need to go back to a development SIG).

Settings and Reference data

Action items