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Vendor documentation

Virtual "Implementers Notebook" - can use pages under tips and tricks

AV and translations need to be included in documentation

Comparison - it's the choice of what you get help for vs. what you do yourself

Want implementation from one group, training from another, documentation from a third and dev support from another

PC has created job description for Documentation czar /edit/maintain/

documentation needs to be

RESHARE talking about how to support a "certified" vendor program (service providers)

In Koha - when vendors took on development for individual libraries, the contribution back to the project was difficult

Koha QA came up with process for contributions and integrations of code  - voted on by the community. Release manager was a community member for an assigned release

FOLIO complicates the contribution process a little by being so modular. Could create your own module and support it or not. Need to figure out how to contribute code to fix a core part of the application

Vendors may choose specific apps in the app store that they would support. Vs. the community supporting core modules - process for bringing things in to the core

Code "done" documentation could be edited to contribution module

Does the new module fit into core, does it have documentation, does it not break other things - certify things that meet these criteria

Vendors and OLE have decision to make re: vendors behaving well together, or will the community go to support.

Cooperatition - want to see other vendors come to the table

For vended solutions, the vendor will answer questions, but the community around that vended product are often even more helpful - how do we do that with FOLIO?

We're working without boundaries now - FOLIO first, their institutions second

The project itself is making a change from development to implementation. WOLFcon may be a big help to bring new members to the community and for new vendors who want to develop things like Repositories,

WOLFcon being planned for week of Jan 21-23, 2020 at Texas A&M

Would love to see hackfests/bugfest

Could do some things to lower the bar to get going in the development environment. Set up some little starter apps to show apps in different languages. Library Science SysOps class

CompSci students looking for projects (mobile app for new books)

Vendors would love to be in contact with students and expose them to library development

Vendors should be included in Implementers Group meetings -

Barely scratching the surface of integrations the libraries are going to need (financial systems, identity management, offsite storage) hopes that vendors can help with those

What is the vendor role in bridging gap between new libraries and the FOLIO community? Representation and interpretation

As libraries get more into testing the demos it will help the community

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