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Discussion items

30 min

FIG's role in Personas/User Stories with Actors

  • Personas changes the perspective of how we think about the project.
  • The personas from the Implementer Group perspective would be aimed at actually implementing FOLIO, not developing it.
  • Different types of user personas - think of what our user stories would be in order to implement. Other SIGs should be doing personas for their products.
  • End goal to implement folio - what would we need like in a virtual binder for an institution to implement? Market Viable Product (MVP).
  • Decide if we're all going to implement and when we'll all implement.
  • Start at beginning - make a plan, get instance up, have tennent, data migration, compare data models from source into FOLIO, data cleanup, think about deployment models, examine current workflows in comparison with new system. put steps on timeline, compare steps.
  • Community should have sample RFP
  • Persona suggestions - (Buzzy Jacket as a persona name)
    • self hosting - self implemented, self-hosted (first one - and likely hardest!)
    • hosted partner - want to be hosted and do self-implementing
    • implementation services - want to self-host, but want help to implement
    • implementation and hosting - want to be hosted and want partner to implement
    • SLA for support
  • Institution level, describe functions within those tasks and describe persona doing those tasks (User Stories with Actors)
  • Library needs to have internal structure in place to play the roles of the actors or personas
  • Trello Board: Queen Bee University? Drone University? Drones Club Library? Hive University? Run a contest to name - Patrick from A&M could judge?
    • Cards could have multiple personas on them
    • want card for workflow analysis - Chalmers is wishing they'd done more of that.
    • initial data migration - would have multiple steps
    • training (diy?, get support to train?)
    • Some cards could be highlighted as a place where vendors could step in for support

FIG's role in documentationKaren

Tips and Tricks oriented towards individual apps. Tech Council has a page as well - cross link

Texas A&M has wiki with some data migration documentation.

Documentation needs to be consolidated into a common platform for ease of use eventually.

Action items

  • Create cards on Trello Board between this meeting and July 2. Code of conduct - treat this as a brainstorming activity. Don't delete others' cards, there may be multiple cards or cards that are combined later, and that's okay. Thanks!