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Discussion items

Local Planning - Round Robin discussion on status, scenarios being considered, timelines, etc.

A&M - take a look at Beth German's swimlanes document. Each area will be putting in their hard deadlines for pre-production. Will be reviewing their timing over the next week.

Alabama and Auburn are Oct 1 fiscal year. A&M is Sept 1 fiscal year

Five Colleges planning to close ordering a little earlier before implementation.

Duke - looking at scenarios

FLO waiting on R-RFP based on capacity plan. Don't do acq in Voyager now, don't do ERM now.

How do you make decisions when there's dissent? True consensus is very time consuming.

Document: Work-Decision Matrix

Bug Fests are a good way to have everyone focus on one area. What is your local tolerance for errors? Do staff understand that it's a product in development and that it's not a production system.

 "Toolkit" on Trello Board: Focus on Planning section

Anyone developed a Risk Register? Chicago - documenting current workflows, working out how the workflow would be in Folio, and looking

at the gaps.

A&M has documented how folio will affect their library website (links, feeds, etc).

Last week's discussion (no written notes - watch recording here:

Consider creating a mission statement for your migration - keep your library on track with your philosophy and activities supporting your vision.

Discussion regarding course reserves - planned for Eidelweiss (November)

Action items

Next week's agenda suggestion:

   Documentation discussion - Implementers Group take charge and get a start creating naming conventions/templates so others can move forward in a consistent manner.