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Discussion items

TimeItemWhoNotes - Review Analysis cards Karen

Analysis - because FOLIO is supposed to be different (micro services, still in development), what makes this a challenge right now is knowing your current workflow and how much FOLIO is changing now.

Chalmers - has been doing these analysis phases along with EBSCO. Things get done and then we look at them. Did more data analysis at an early stage than they did workflow analysis (staff who were working with FOLIO at the time were metadata staff).

A&M's mural - thinking about Texas A&M's project management plan vs. looking at how current workflows fit into FOLIO.

You know you have a business need that should be met, an operation to do - can you accomplish that?

Chicago - when moving to OLE, they did a lot of thinking about workflows. It is easy to fall into the trap of "this is the way we've always done it".

A&M - having staff doing bug testing so they can become more familiar with FOLIO.

Chalmers has managed to think differently about some things, but haven't had time to change it all. Integration with Libris is new and exciting - different. Helps test the idea that FOLIO is not married to MARC.

 Updates from local implementations Karen

FLO - circulation rules have you found a way to present these to the staff? Alex Soto is working on a matrix to turn the variables into a matrix form. Want to take advantage of FOLIO full functionality.

Chalmers simplified and is using very few parameters. Use minimum of functionality.

A&M - did review "Who are users" and pared down categories of users - looking at locations, items, statuses and loan rules.

Chicago - Cheryl Malmborg and David Bottorff may be good references.

Duke - holding local FOLIO Forum 8/12, interviews still ongoing with BAs and staff (Share questionnaire). Stood up local Core instance, not complete. (talk to Texas A&M, SysOps SIG/Channel).

Chalmers - getting back from vacation. Preparing for test migration "dress rehearsal". Will have a bug fest at the end of the dress rehearsal. Doing data clean up in preparation and looking at configurations.

Chicago - organizing implementation themselves, moving on data migration. Working with fewer staff than their OLE migration.

Alabama - working on populate orders (training as well) looking at ERM with ERM staff. Will work with Theodor for loading inventory/holdings/items/organizations. Then bugfest testing. Getting more people involved. Met to work out loan rules - still in progress.

GBV - two early adopters (ZBW Kiel, SuUB Bremen), had 2-day workshop with representatives, organizing themselves, how to involve more people, necessary features that are missing, want to connect to union catalog.

Action items