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  • Put some temporal order into the Trello board 

Discussion items

20 min

Announcements - Paula mentioned that the revised Cap MVP is being released tomorrow and libraries will get another week to determine their go live 

Discussion of what are stoppers - would lack of MARCcat be a stopper for U chicago? Need to have a discussion about import/export/MARCload. 

Discussion of MARC, MARC holdings, etc. how much will need to be loaded into the MARC SRS, etc.

Paula would like Tod to make a presentation about MARC holdings; some of her staff is insistent on MARC format for holdings as a requirement for future transformations. 

Tom - change the conversation - are we talking about the abandonment of structured data? We have legacy investments in structured data that needs to be preserved; but the format doesn't matter as much. 

Chulin - Library staff think of the data differently than the technical people. 

This kind of conversation is not a FOLIO forum; more like a superSIG. 

Touches on the question of what is the catalog.

Hangup is over MARC holdings - potential obstacle for implementation if can't store MARC holdings. 

Ian - important to distinguish the various flavors of MARC - MARC21, ISO2709,  binaryMARC, or using JSON - we're not talking about losing the meaning by putting it into a simpler format that can't contain it. 

There's MARC bib, holdings, authority. 

How do we move people forward? 1. Implementers group is a good place to hold this discussion. 2. How do we point out the realities to the deeply troubled about "losing" the MARC format for holdings.

Tom - many of the records in their catalog are "supplied" by someone else, brief records for equipments, etc. When reminded of that, maybe people will be more willing to experiment

What's supposed to be in the catalog?

Conflation of "catalog" - what are you curating vs. what do you make available for public searching? Not synonymous anymore.

Tom - Management of equipment, for example, how is it different from managing in a different app in FOLIO. Curated side vs. accepting records. Perfect storm is going on. A lot of focus of what gets displayed in catalog has been what we "own." Now it's a mixed bag. Does make sense to look at dealing with objects in a way that makes sense for the object. 

Ann-Marie - Who is using inventory; bib maintenance - managing holdings and items. 

Deferred Look at WHEN things need to happen for an implementation - take the Trello board and suggest quarters before go-live for each card.

Action items

  • Patty Wanningerwill start a google doc with a meeting proposal and send the link to everyone.