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Discussion items

  • Harry is scheduled to join us next week - reach out to see if he can come following week.

MARC holdings/storage follow upAll

Issue has caused confusion but it is an implementation issue, which only a few of us have to deal with, not the whole FOLIO project

Anne Highsmith laid out the concerns Texas A&M has with not using MARC Holdings

Have an open implementers meeting on these topics: there are several issues of this type in the different SIGs - *pain points beyond the MVP*

      OAIPMH integration, OCLC APIs (single record import from Connexion), course reserves, ARIES, EDS integration, VuFind, Banner/SAP, NCIP, Z39.50

      We'll look into this after the go/no go decisions tomorrow

Where do we go to look for where the project is on these issues?  Unclear

Anya Arnold - will talk to Mark, Harry and Cate to get it set up and introduce to POs. Will put instructions on wiki. 2-3 weeks to done. How do we triage those? Create proposal. Our own project in Jira - 2020 Implementers. labels for institutions. Notify POs. Chalmers pings the EBSCO implementation consultants, then POs are tagged.

Wiki page - Implementer Testing page child of Implementation Group. List POs. Try to replicate issue in snapshot (lack of item records in test data) to compare if it's a local issue vs. FOLIO issue.

Not addressed

Implementer Updates/Issues

  • Data loading issues/concerns?
    • Daisy will come out next week - remember to report issues in the JIRAs
    • Challenge is figuring out if this a FOLIO problem or an institution problem
  • local team/subteams work
  • How do you handle decisions that affect cross-functional teams?

Action items