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Guest - Harry Kaplanian to talk about the RRFPHarry

RRFP - list of features in FOLIO, an up-to-date description of features and how FOLIO works. Thanks, Kelly, Erin, Michelle! Reporting, import, discovery integration need work.

RDA, BIBFRAME need work. Comment on what you'd like to see in the document. Hoping the community can come together to work on this and keep it up.

If you can spare some time, please help out. Will be reviewed with release 3.2 and updated.

Good way to show what is in the system, a positive, as opposed to what's not there.

  • Data loading issues/concerns?
    • Daisy will come out next week - remember to report issues in the JIRAs
    • Challenge is figuring out if this a FOLIO problem or an institution problem
  • local team/subteams work
  • How do you handle decisions that affect cross-functional teams?

Texas A&M and Cornell looking at batch loaders - jiras point to RMB, leading to a deeper issue. not sure that the triage tree is effective. Ann-Marie - there have been updates to RMB and Vert-X that have messed up data loading. Waiting on feedback from developer working on it. Needs to be coordinated with folks who control RMB.

A&M - taking a really long time to load records.

Jenn - trying to load 4500 records at a time.

Organization of local implementation teams....

FLO - meetings are organized around tasks (permissions, configurations). SIG groups come after configs/permissions/data. Asked - what do you need to do in circ.

Chicago - permissions cuts across subject areas. Most of workflow analysis is functional areas. Permissions is a little different.

Permissions in inventory - Charlotte has stories for permissions that were recently created.

Permissions organized by app. Easiest way to see them is to assign them to a user and see how they're organized. If there are issues, talk to the PO of that app. Circulation - talk to Cate B. Permission stories are in the backlog.

Still looking for POs! Some of the key MVP areas have no POs. Those areas can't move forward in development. Product Owners Time estimates are a concern - are they correct?

Single record import (through PC too).

MVP has 6 weeks of development left.

Harry: roadmap has needed to be updated, discussion with PC - number of defects, bugs and performance needs are growing rapidly. For the last few quarters, the numbers have been equal between bugs reported and bugs fixed. That's changing. That's also expected. Want to spend time fixing bugs, but are balancing it with the 6 weeks left of new development. Some of the tech debt issues will likely move up in priority. We'll also see new tech debt popping up.

POs: Export and Bulk Edit are same priority. Export now has PO and has started to move.

Follow up
  • Anya Arnold - will talk to Mark, Harry and Cate to get it set up and introduce to POs. Will put instructions on wiki. 2-3 weeks to done. How do we triage those? Create proposal. Our own project in Jira - 2020 Implementers. labels for institutions. Notify POs. Chalmers pings the EBSCO implementation consultants, then POs are tagged.
  • Wiki page - Implementer Testing page child of Implementation Group. List POs. Try to replicate issue in snapshot (lack of item records in test data) to compare if it's a local issue vs. FOLIO issue.

Implementer Updates/Issues

Chalmers update:
Went live Sept 30, circ/ERM/acq/cataloging. bugs started popping up in the second week. biggest issue now is performance. Check in takes 4 seconds. Check out 4-6 seconds. Staff is satisfied, patrons don't really notice anything. EDS has hard-coded values across all users, not easy to change just for Chalmers. Chulin recommends checking the calendar - can be too big if filled out to a year far from now, resulting in slow check-outs. User app takes lots of memory

What's the status of the community development?

 Colgne? Stakeholder working group meeting once a week, created a model, spreadsheet of things the community wants/needs, what would it take to fulfill, what would it cost? Using consultant to build document to clarify and state when FOLIO is more like a product in maintenance mode, what will the governance look like for the future? Soon there will be an update to the stakeholders. Will need to go to community, but not ready yet. Is this a continuation of Mike Gorrell's document, shown in DC? Yes.

Suggestion to have a session at WOLFcon that shows what the current thinking is.

Whatever we put together, we want to get others involved. Open, inviting, easy to join, encourages growth. Looking at how OLE and Koha have been run. Can we keep it open and still have a little control?

Action items