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Discussion items

45 minIntegrationsKelly

Kelly has started a working group to work on EDS integration

5Colleges has split their list of integrations among the local IT organizations

BorrowDirect/UBorrow - run on Relais D2D. Main integration is Z39.50 (discovery) and NCIP (for actions check-in/check-out/lookup user/xxx)

NCIP messages underway, looking for PO for Z30.50.

Patty - work on what are FOLIO's abilities - fines/fees and send to bursar, what data needs to be sent to the bursar? Should SysOps collect stories on endpoints needed for these integrations? Ann H is doing mapping and loading of various data migrations.

     Need to understand what are your requirements, where do they live, how do we address them. 

     UM working on adding more user IDs, when adding more fields, you open the potential for different types of integrations.

See also Integrations Prerequisites (SysOps) What's needed on the FOLIO side to accomplish these integrations. We have a structure for recording needs and Jiras associated. Prereqs column is mostly empty. Designed to show where underlying API support hasn't been fleshed out yet, or if there's a blockage.

Thomas - where is the best place to put our cycles? We know how to do manual processes and batch loading - we've been doing that for years. More concerned about things we don't have processes for and don't know how to deal with.

Tod - not clear we know what FOLIO has, and what's missing currently. This would be a good time to start looking at APIs, starting with those that are most complex, and map out what are the API or file exports needed? What's available and what are the gaps?

Kelly - NCIP/Z39.50 lots of people need, hasn't been tested yet. Need to start testing.

NCIP is being worked on, we know the developer is working on D2D

Course Reserves - is less clear. Haven't mapped out connections to ARES, or moving an item onto reserve. What change is made to put something on reserves?

How do we organize this moving forward? Need to manage this work. Rather than all of us working separately, let's work together. Where do we put this documentation for the FOLIO part?

Migration subgroup - has a log of tests.

Should we have a similar log for testing the integrations? Is this something the Implementers should be doing? We don't want to duplicate work.

Mike - Working with Chicago, has a spreadsheet and ranking needed integrations (air/water/food for equivalents of most critical). Will translate that into a project plan. Do others have a similar list? Duke has a list, but no plan yet. FLO has a gantt chart. Spreadsheet above is high-level, but we need something more normalized and who is working on it. Could split up who is working on what integrations.

Could Chicago share their spreadsheet? Need to confirm with leadership before doing that. The details matter. Single record export is another example.

Thomas - differentiation between locally hosting/third party hosted - points at how much we can do locally. Alabama is going to be looking at Banner (timing?), GOBI, EBSCO. Have a big meeting with EBSCO later this month.

           All systems they have on campus have specific data stewards, and have been working with them regarding sensitive data and data structure of each system. CaiaSoft integration as well.

Data Import UI and CLI experiences

Action items -

Tod - looking at sharing their spreadsheet.

Karen for Jesse - Document FOLIO affordances by looking at the APIs. - We don't have a PO to write Jiras. Ask each SIG to look at the list, (explain), create more tickets re: integrations. Two-way conversation - need to talk to other system to know what the other system needs. We need people to take on specific integrations to learn what data needs to go back and forth.

Kelly - Coordinate addition of who is working on specific integrations to SysOps.

Patty - Will remind Data Migration people to report data migration attempts.

Action items