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  • Karen Newbery

  • Brooks Travis

  • Beth German
  • Ian Walls
  • Martina Schildt
  • Debra Howell
  • Kelly Drake
  • Tod Olson
  • Peter Murray
  • Ann-Marie Breaux


Discussion items


Kelly Drake

Has anyone figured out dependencies?

Tod recommends Users before bib/hol/items for item history and who updated a record last.

Missouri State will be loading old invoices

Reporting may be used for historical purposes instead of loading to live FOLIO

Chicago for OLE migrated as little as necessary think of cost/benefit for

Chicago is looking at what are the remaining gaps for their operations. What work-arounds are necessary, what's going to block them. They're in the process of getting that together once Edelweiss comes out.

Anya has advised using test rails (ask Anton to create your own project and then you could run existing test cases) to compare Daisy and then Edelweiss to see what's really in FOLIO.

Missouri State is planning to do a full test migration in January. They have a hard June deadline for go-live.

A&M - FOLIO Project Management - need to have good documentation on what different groups are thinking. Looking to have similar information from other institutions. Planned off Trello board. Folio PM team (3 person) Instead of committees and sub-groups, they're creating Functional Leads who will be responsible for looking at workarounds. One person keeping an eye on different areas and needs to carry out work. Finding it hard to spell out milestones in advance. Functional WBS is responsibility of Functional Leads on a weekly basis. Project plan includes who makes decisions, what training looks like, budget needs, communication plans, meeting schedules, open office hours for triaging tickets. Will contribute shell for outward communication. Creating Technical Steering Committee and Public Relations Group.

Alabama/5Colleges/Chalmers has a project plan like the above.

Chicago has less formal plan but does have leads for responsibilities.

Action items