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single tenant with multiple librariesKhalilah

Where requirements are, how to gather feedback.

ERM Single Tenant 2/ multiple Libraries

Teams - some acq apps, have implemented teams which allows permissions on the record level. For example in 5 Colleges, UMass may have restrictions on who can see budget codes, so UMass staff members are the only ones who can see it, but not others in the consortium.

Multiple languages and time zones settings per institution. Canadian and mid-eastern libraries may want to switch back and forth between languages.

Requirements begun for ERM apps - eHoldings, Agreements/eResources, Licenses, Local KB admin, eUsage

Non-ERM - requests (item, title),  Calendar, Course Reserves, Users, Tenant settings, Service Points - added Organizations, Reporting/LDP

Is inventory someplace we'd need to restrict access? Or is an agreement to not edit other's records enough?

Consortia SIG and WOLFcon sessions coming up on this topic.

Requirements -being worked on

  • logged in user has default access to institution's data/config
  • Store unique ID to indiciate Notes, tags, agreemeents, etc?
  • allow libraries in same tenant to access other libraries' data (if desired)
  • permission handling
  • Teams implementation

Are teams created in each module? - Right now it's at the tenant level (orders-centric)

Q1 is when Spitfire team is working on requirements in priority order:

  1.  Ebsco KB API credentials
  2.  default login to institution's eHoldings app
  3.  Tags
  4.  agreements
  5.  Allow one library to see another library's eHoldings

Considerations How will features support the library types?

Wiki page to collect feedback: Permissions & restrictions in FOLIO
  Would be great to collect use cases and processes. Include submitter's name for feedback.

Action items