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Discussion items

Minimal Requirements for Summer 2020 go-liveKelly Drake

long list of go-live features, Jiras hard to understand

Kelly is considering a list of critical gaps that are needed and let the POs figure out which Jiras they match

Patty - people ranking logs of things as go live, but not considering a max capacity

    Maybe consider a multi-vote to help limit?

There are things that are not ranked as MVP that are in the spreadsheet

You can't go live if records aren't in discovery - import/export/ match/overlay

As implementers, there are features that we can't go live without maybe until Q3

Consider focusing on the three rounds of implementers and what minimal requirements are there for those groups

Ian - 2020 has become a contractually bound date for some - how are we going to survive with a product that isn't ready

In DC, we knew that there were too many features to get finished, so we created the MVP

Charlotte-most of Kelly's list should be finished by Q2, but recognizes that "summer implementation" can't be two weeks after the Q2 release.

Kelly - suggests focusing on round 2 group, then focusing on round 3 group. Need to share solutions that people have created as alternative workflows

Patty - a number of tooling sets that SysOps and Data Migration have demonstrated, hopes that people are sharing this stuff.

Kelly - identify the problems, identify who is working on it, share out in Implementers

Patty - Implementers Group a good place to assign people to work on documentation and share it on Tips and Tricks

Ann-Marie - POs can write documentation on workflows, Implementers can say how we're using that

Ann-Marie - Two levels of suppressed in SRS - suppressing records from discovery flag is in there. Not suppressing from export.

Charlotte - Need to make sure that Magda knows to suppress export from SRS

Ann-Marie - Marc BIBs can g out through OAI-MPH Magda's group working on exporting MARC bibs

Kelly - need to be sure we're sharing

Karen - using the words "alternative workflow" instead of work-around/hacks

Anya - need to include these alternative workflows in what we share, what we document

Next step - if we all agree with this Round 2 concept, are there libraries that will go live when the list of requirements linked above is solved (FLO - Simmons, MSU, Lehigh?)

Beth - Need to add EDI - Importing Invoices and making financial payments

Ann-Marie - Acquisitions small group is working on financial payments now - almost ready for development

Kelly - what is the list of requirements for Round 3? Need to work on this list

Patty - document is written as requirements instead of jiras. Magda probably has user stories for this list. This list is intended to facilitate understanding.

Tom - two more requirements that are under the surface are: gaps that got through our prioritization process. We're now at a point where it's the key issues that actual implementers need that need to drive the content of this list, not those who anticipate a future implementation. We need to have a mechanism (wiki) where we draw together these various documents together. Please link them from the wiki so we can find them and contribute.

Paula - for round 3, add more robust searching for inventory

Ann-Marie - add owner name and date at the top to track relevance of documents

Sounds like we're in agreement with the Round 2 list. Start building out Round 3 list.

Warner University won't be using Acquisitions. Chalmers uses Acquisitions, but doesn't pay things through folio, so that's not needed.

Tom - over next few months should learn more about dealing with large record sets (1-5 million). Performance issues when loading over .5 million.

Tod - good to put a number of records that get loaded - are we talking more about operational loading or migration loads?

Tom - migration loads aren't that frequent, but operational records can be up to millions of bib records, especially regarding authorities record updates

Charlotte - have about 1,00,000 records in.

Patty - there is an alternative for Missouri State - can update discovery from FTP vs. OAI-PMH since OAI-PMH for SRS is choking with large numbers of records. Can link with 999 - folio UUID.

Tod - migrating on local instance, than handing migrated data over to Index Data

Kelly - already making good progress! (smile) How will we keep this going?

Document above will be shared on the Implementers wiki - for Round 3 and Round 4, go ahead and add items. For Round 2, let's discuss first. Start thinking about Implementers meetings as updates of who's working on the things on the list.

Paula will bring up this list in PC Exec meeting 1/29/2020

Tom - like that this list is coming from the implementers, as we all have ranking fatigue

Kelly - now we have systems to test things, so ranking and giving feedback is better than guessing as we did before having systems

Having product owners come, demo, answer our questions, record would be great for a lot of people. POs would want questions in advance.

Remaining MVP Features Planing

Convener rotationKarenDiscuss at a future meeting for planning cycling of leadership. Issue came up in SME training too. Share decision and process with PC.

Action items

  • Invite Magda regarding exporting
  • Tiziana from MarcCat to Implementers meeting in the future
  • Invite Ann-Marie Edifact
  • Dennis - Acquisitions