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Action Item from last meeting

  • Kelly Drake will work on additional fields that are required for discovery in VuFind

Discussion items


Discuss the "Round" Approach to reaching MVPKelly Drake

PPX presentation Kelly Drake

Simmons can deal with the acquisitions functions that are available this summer

What would core acquisitions functions be for Round 3?

Chicago wondering if circulation-only environment is a possibility for them to do a partial implementation.

Martina - ERM and licenses - current functionality okay, would like to implement parts of acq, but need to wait until they are done. May start adding dummy orders for one institution. Single tenant/multiple libraries and permissions for viewing, upgrading from one version to the other - both requirements for go-live.

Storage module implementers need to provide scripts for implementers to migrate from one version to another. Tech debt.

Round III - MVP List

proposal to change Round III to MVP, but there's post MVP features there as well.

Round IV - Post MVP

We should clearly mark items on the Round IV list that are MVP.

Karen Newbery update link ←

Round III = MVP

There is something to be said for a separate ERM set of sheets to show which libraries could go live with the portions of the ERM that are available as they come available.

Created ERM Round document for required features - ERM implementers meeting tomorrow - Martina will show this document to them for feedback/additions. They meet biweekly- everyone is welcome. They are working on comparison functionality (not sure if this was MVP). Would be good idea to have Implementers on ERM call in 2 weeks. Wednesday at 8:00 Eastern. Would it be a good idea to have Owen, the PO come talk to Implementers Group? Duke and 5 Colleges are in the ERM round. Chicago is on the fence. A&M has Coral, so not rushing.

ERM recordings:

ERM minutes:

Round IV - Post MVP

 Convener Rotation Karen

Paula offered to be convener starting in April.

Will start having an official note taker who will rotate into the convener role in April.

Lehigh - still very interested in going live this summer.

Alabama will be updating their status over the next month or so. Once they get their hands on FOLIO and play with it, they'll be in a better position to make a documented decision.

Chicago is in a similar position to Alabama.

ByWater will be implementing someone this summer (Missouri State?) with Edelweiss.

We really need to know what's in FOLIO now - We need a "Cone of Reality"

Action items

  • Update your libraries on the Round II, Round III- MVP and Round IV - Post MVP documents