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  • Introductions and discussion of text editor vs. UI/form based editor

Discussion items

  • The group decided we could work without a convener

Recurring meetings
  • The group will meet Friday afternoons at 3pm EST

Current options for SMRE

    1. Text editor
    2. Form editor
Stephanie Buck
  • Scope
    • A couple of edits locally
    • Original cataloging possible but not the best place for it
    • Simple, single record edits
    • See form editor link for more specifics
  • Form/UI style
    • Important to be able to expand fixed fields - close to what’s in OCLC
    • Avoiding mistakes easier in boxes - checking work by field
    • Form could help validate/control mistakes one line at a time
    • Pop-ups may be helpful
    • Spell check would be good
    • Important to key through form - no mousing wanted
    • Copy from outside source (OCLE) and paste into SMRE (fields)
      • Validating diacritics could be problem
    • Character map for diacritics for foreign language records
    • Collect use cases for editing records
  • What could need validating to avoid issues with SRS
    • Length of fixed fields & indicators
    • Leader length, characters, numbers
    • Mandatory fields & subfields
    • Repeatable fields & non-repeatable fields

Edit FIddle

Action items