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Discussion items


Round IV Rankings -

New spreadsheet from Holly

Focus on "outliers" - only 1-3 say "go-live"

  • Texas A&M - reduced "go live" rankings by 60%, other 4 have also reduced - total "outliers" reduced by 10%
  • How to go forward? Everything we need done is a request for more resources, where can those resources come from?
  • One library noted that even those the rankings may be lowered, these are still things we have to do
  • Texas A&M - acknowledged that productivity in FOLIO will suffer the first year or two, too many workarounds and manual processes, some important local projects may have to be sidelined for a year or two
  • Duke - see too many workarounds, they really need these features - brings up the question, what is a functioning LSP? - Workflows are incomplete, different from what they have now, too short-staffed now, have a hiring freeze, libraries can't do more with less any more
  • The other four libraries really have to go next year, can Duke wait?
  • Performance, response times, and upgrades in place are still critical for all and not there
  • Chicago is offering to share their OCLC update program, people brought up other examples of things to share

**Wed June 10 update**
Holly extended the "Outlier" deadline to noon Monday June 15, please make comments on the firm "go-live" decisions

Action items