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Paula Sullenger

Holly Mistlebauer

Bob Scheier

Kristin Martin

Mark Arnold

Jean M. Pajerek

Marie Widigson

Martina Tumulla

Jenn Colt

Dwayne Swigert

Julie Bickle

Patrick Roth

Martina Schildt

Karen Newbery

Molly Driscoll

Jackie Gottlieb

Natascha Owens

Charlotte Whitt

Patricia Ratkovich

Christie Thomas

Jay Campbell

Thomas C. Wilson

Peter Murray

Aaron Neslin

Brooks Travis

Debra Howell

Chulin Meng

Patty Wanninger

Ann-Marie Breaux


Steven Bischof

Tod Olson

Brian Clark

Michael Arthur


Discussion items


Kiwi pointing exercise - RetrospectiveHolly Mistlebauer

Pointing Results for Kiwi Release

Results in Google Sheets

Have 60 features with at least 20 points

We agreed that we would work on the features with the most points

The top 30 are for 4 dev teams so we might have to move people around

For POs, Charlotte & AMB have a lot

Next steps?

Working on Juniper right now, freeze is soon, so not yet ready to work on Kiwi.

Identified Juniper features earlier but since then the Juniper focus shifted to stability, so some Juniper issues will have to move to Kiwi.  Have to wait and see what those features are before can make the final Kiwi decisions.  Late May/early June.

Planning Process Retrospective

Please fill out this document


Too many features to consider, need to winnow down.  Maybe use calculated rank? Holly - that may not get us to what the libraries really want

AMB - the two top features are umbrella issues, will turn into several features across several apps that aren't planned yet

Charlotte - thinks they can get started on the anywhere

Holly - not promising that we can get these done in Kiwi, but need to get started on them

Jay - some features are very broad, while others are very narrow

Aaron - these put greatly different workloads on devs, need to take that into consideration

Christie: I am also wondering if it would be possible to point at the theme / functional requirement level rather than the feature level. As libraries, we are thinking about functionality that we need, but sometimes that is spread across features and if we do not have them all, then we will not have the functionality that we need. Take for instance Import Orders in marc format which is highly ranked and MARC field mapping Profiles Details for Order records which is not highly ranked. If we do not have both features, then we cannot use the import 


in that case, I think it's up to the POs to understand what features require other features - for the MARC order example that you give. the Field mapping profiles is the UI and the Import orders is the Backend for the same overall functionality

And both will need to be accomplished to get the order import work in place

Tom: this exercise was supposed to let the community say what is important to us, now it sounds like backpedalling (workloads, sequencing, etc).  We need to put a team on these that makes sure it works correctly across all apps

Holly - didn't feel it was fair to put in the umbrella features but they're in

Tod - we approached this as, what are our most important pain points?  Letting the community point out things like bulk edit and optimistic locking is the community saying we need to work on these broad architectural issues.  Even though this means taking work away from other things, we need to start on these now.

Tom - understand all of the caveats and the challenges, but when the community speaks and then those priorities don't get in, it doesn't look like a community-driven project

Holly - that was the whole point of this new process.  There were many things listed as "blocked" because of the amount of work and architectural changes needed.  Wanted to see what came out of this process and if they community is saying "we want this" we need to make this happen.  If they don't get done in Kiwi, at least they're in progress.  They want to work on what the community wants.  May have to change PO charges, maybe we need more help from the community for this work.

Both Juniper and Kiwi are small releases, Lotus will include a more normal set of features.

They also wanted to increase transparency with this process.  Will add more information about blockers and other issues on the wiki to keep everyone up to date on what's going on with the features.

AMB - current blocked features

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

Q - optimistic locking blockers?

Holly - we know OL is a priority and we need to get those blocker features done, even though they didn't make the top 20.  Treat it like an umbrella feature.

AMB - not sure what that means for developers.

Holly - trying to capture where the issues are and then start addressing them

AMB - need to know what the actual work is related to OL blockers, for ex

Future topics

Receiving workflow demos deferred.

Next Meeting
May 11 - Ann-Marie Breaux will give a data import update

Action items