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Paula Sullenger

Ann-Marie Breaux

Patrick Roth

Marie Widigson

Mark Arnold

Dwayne Swigert

Tod Olson

Martina Tumulla

Jackie Gottlieb

Jacquie Samples

Darsi Rueda


Steven Bischof

Thomas C. Wilson

Aaron Neslin

Peter Murray

Patty Wanninger

Karen Newbery

Bob Scheier

Elizabeth German

Christie Thomas


Discussion items


Data Import UpdateAnn-Marie BreauxPostponed

Knowledge Base choicesBob Scheier

Duke uses PQ 360 and expect to continue.  Ex Libris recently released an API that they hope to use later.  Looked at EDS but don't want another transition right now.

Scheier: currently using EBSCO's and expect to keep it

Chicago - using SFX for years and probably need to revisit, but not at the same time as an ILS migration

Duke is also doing a Druple migration next year

Texas A&M using EBSCO and expect to keep it

Chalmers -moved to EBSCO EDS a year before moving to FOLIO, glad they did it earlier and not at the same time

Future topics

Tom would like suggestions of which demos we'd like to see.  Any particular features or functions?  Thinking of courses and receiving now.  Also looking for implemented sites willing to demo.

Next Meeting
May 18 -

Action items