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Discussion items


Update on receiving appDennis Bridges

In Serials there were two different receiving workflows - regular and serials check-in.  Have now merged into one and have a mechanism in the PO line to let the system create pieces for you or have the user create pieces manually.

Ex: order 4 copies of a book, so need to receive 4 items.  FOLIO created 4 pieces for receipt.

For serials, in PO order one journal but need to receive very many pieces, so the quantity of order and quantity of pieces received don't match, have to manually add pieces.  Can create an item record for the piece received or  not.

Recently added copy number, enum/chron.  Adding the ability to tie piece to a specific holdings record, not just a location.  Can also display pieces on the holding.

Have to add pieces one at a time, can't add in bulk or add based on frequency.  Are talking about this problem

UXPROD-194 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Slide deck: 

Need to allow creating patterns, starting piece, frequency, etc.  Couldn't work on this when only had "caption" but it is feasible now.

"Manage patterns" would allow for generating pieces by the system and also allow for editing patterns.

Related - uxprod 2894 &

AMB - number of serial pieces to check in should be decreasing, but know it is still a pain point.  How to balance the amount of work needed to create predictive patterns vs the decrease in need.

Q-From the holdings record, can you go back to the PO line where it was received? Yes, but doesn't show on instance record now.  Will be meeting with devs soon to work on this.

Q- Will the change affect existing receiving data on the holding? Can add info manually to holding and it is stored there.  When you have piece info, those will be stored together. The source will show where the info came from.

AMB; And for any library planning to store MARC Holdings in FOLIO, currently there is no link between receiving/piece info and the SRS MARC Holdings record. That will not affect many libraries, but for a few, it's important to keep in mind

Kristin - how will you distinguish what you've added and what is added through receiving?

"user" means it was added, "receiving" means it was added by the system. 

KM - Chicago has not had predictive check-in for a while.  What would be put off if we put a lot into it?  Tod asked about diminishing returns.

Dennis - what enhancements do we need to work on from here?  Based on recent UAT and serials receiving gaps, publication patterns are a complex way to manage pieces.  Is the main issue just that it is time-consuming to manually create pieces? Could you build your patterns in a csv file and upload?

Aside from patterns, what is difficult or missing in serials receiving?

Claims are a major issue and patterns are how most system point out missing issues.

Claiming slides: 

Dennis - are working on claiming workflow, built around orders. Purchase Order Alerts might be used.

Alert banner on POL will display the alert type, the alert icon will call attention to the appropriate claim to take action.  Would also be alerts on the receiving app.

Claiming- uxprod 1845

This claiming workflow assumes piece records for the thing you need to claim.  Would need to manually add a piece record.

Future agenda itemsAll

Need new demos, they are helpful

Tod: should we coordinate with the Support SIG or documentation group?

Bob: Does the official documentation include videos or demos?  They are useful

Patti: could the demos be farmed out to the SIGs

Tod: seeing others' workarounds in the demos is also useful

Patti: some of the vended libraries are active in the SIGs, others are a little more shy.  Should we bring them here for introductions?  CalTech is going live now, for instance, and nobody seems to know that.

The group liked this idea and asked the vendors to invite new implementers to future meetings?

Future meeting ideas:

Hosting/migration service providers - lessons learned, not sales pitch (smile)

Update from Capacity Planning Team on post-Kiwi development

SysOps will want to ask about integrations with external systems, how are they going for implemented libraries?  How do you get your vouchers to university payment office? IS NCIP working?

Action items